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Arcum tent on rental for Events in UAE

Welcome to Gulf Oryx Events. Are you in search of a remarkable venue solution that blends elegance, versatility, and innovation? Look no further! Gulf Oryx Events is your ultimate partner for exceptional event experiences in the UAE and KSA. We take pride in offering top-tier Arcum tents for rent, perfectly suited to elevate your events, weddings, and exhibitions.

Unveiling Arcum Tents: Where Aesthetics Meet Functionality

At Gulf Oryx Events, we understand that the right venue can define the success of your event. Our premium Arcum tents stand as a testament to modern engineering and sophisticated design, creating an alluring atmosphere that seamlessly adapts to various event types. Whether you’re planning a fairy-tale wedding, a corporate gala, or a captivating exhibition, our Arcum tents are here to transform your vision into reality.

Why Choose Arcum Tents: The Unmatched Advantages

Aesthetic Excellence: Our Arcum tents combine the classic elegance of traditional marquees with a contemporary twist. The curved structure and sleek lines contribute to an aesthetic that captures attention and imagination.

Adaptable Spaces: No two events are the same. With our Arcum tents, you have the flexibility to customize the space according to your event’s requirements. Whether you need a spacious layout or segmented areas, these tents accommodate it all.

Weather Resilience: In the ever-changing weather conditions of UAE and KSA, our Arcum tents shine. Engineered to withstand the elements, they provide a sheltered environment for your guests, ensuring the event proceeds smoothly.

Natural Lighting: The transparent panels of our Arcum tents allow natural light to infuse the venue, creating a vibrant and refreshing ambiance during daytime events.

Professional Elegance: Impress your guests with the sophisticated allure of our Arcum tents. The professional appearance adds a touch of glamour to any event, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.


When it comes to hosting remarkable events, weddings, or exhibitions in the UAE and KSA, Gulf Oryx Events offers the perfect solution – our premium Arcum tent rentals. These tents redefine elegance and versatility, ensuring your event stands out as an unforgettable experience.

Specification of Our Arcum Tents: A Fusion of Innovation and Design

Structure Frame Details:

  • Our Arcum tents are built with precision-engineered frames that provide both structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. The frame features:
  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted from robust materials, the frame guarantees stability, ensuring the tent can withstand various weather conditions.
  • Curved Design: The unique arc shape not only adds a touch of modernity but also enhances the tent’s strength, allowing for spacious, open interiors without the need for internal support columns.
  • Modular Configuration: The frame’s modular design allows for easy expansion or reduction of the tent’s size to accommodate varying guest capacities.

Covering Details:

  • The covering of our Arcum tents showcases a combination of practicality and elegance:
  • Weather-Resistant Fabric: The tent covering is made from durable and weather-resistant materials, protecting your event from the elements.
  • Transparency Panels: Clear and transparent panels allow natural light to illuminate the interior during the day, creating a vibrant atmosphere. At night, they offer stunning views of the surroundings.
  • Customizable Branding: The covering can be customized with branding, logos, or artistic designs, creating a unique ambiance that resonates with your event’s theme.

Capacity and Sizes:

  • Our Arcum tents come in various sizes to suit your event’s needs:
  • Small to Medium Gatherings: Choose from smaller sizes for intimate gatherings, cocktail parties, or exhibitions requiring a compact yet stylish setup.
  • Large Gatherings: For grand weddings, galas, or exhibitions, our larger Arcum tents provide ample space to accommodate a significant number of guests without compromising on comfort.
  • Flexible Configurations: The modular design allows for easy adaptation of the tent’s size to match your event’s expected attendance.

Why Gulf Oryx Events: Your Partner in Excellence

  • Expertise and Experience: With years of experience in the events industry, Gulf Oryx Events boasts a team of professionals who understand the intricate details of event management and venue setup.
  • Tailored Solutions: We believe in turning dreams into reality. Our team collaborates closely with you to understand your vision, tailoring our Arcum tent offerings to align perfectly with your event requirements.
  • Seamless Execution: From conceptualization to dismantling, we ensure a seamless execution of the entire process. You can focus on enjoying your event while we take care of the logistics.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Your satisfaction is our priority. We’re dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, addressing your concerns, and exceeding your expectations.

Book Your Arcum Tent Today!

Elevate your event to unprecedented heights with Gulf Oryx Events’ exquisite Arcum tent rentals. Whether you’re planning a romantic wedding, a corporate gathering, or an engaging exhibition, our Arcum tents are ready to create a captivating atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression. Contact us today to discuss your event requirements and embark on a journey to an extraordinary event experience in the UAE and KSA.

Choose Gulf Oryx Events for Unforgettable Experiences

At Gulf Oryx Events, we are committed to turning your event vision into reality. Our Arcum tents combine structural excellence with visual appeal, providing a canvas where your imagination can run wild. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that every aspect of our Arcum tents aligns with your event’s requirements.

Whether you’re envisioning a magical wedding, a captivating exhibition, or a sophisticated corporate event, our Arcum tents are the canvas on which unforgettable memories are painted. Contact us today to discuss your event specifications and secure a remarkable Arcum tent for your upcoming occasion in the UAE.


What is an Arcum Tent?

An Arcum tent is a uniquely designed structure that combines the elegance of traditional marquee tents with modern engineering. Characterized by its curved and aesthetically pleasing shape, an Arcum tent offers a versatile and spacious event space without the need for interior support columns. It’s a popular choice for events seeking both functionality and visual appeal.

An Arcum tent offered by Gulf Oryx Events is a distinctive masterpiece that blends timeless elegance with modern ingenuity. This one-of-a-kind structure features graceful curves, creating a captivating venue that requires no internal support columns. Our Arcum tents provide a versatile and visually stunning space for events that demand both functionality and aesthetic allure.

When and Where to Use a Frame Tent?

Our tent-like structures transcend the ordinary, encompassing a range of temporary and semi-permanent architectural marvels designed to mirror the spirit of a traditional tent. These structures offer unrivaled versatility, providing captivating spaces for events, outdoor lounges, and exhibition areas. From open-air pavilions to intricately designed modular constructions, our tent-like structures are tailored to meet the diverse needs of your event.

When and Where to Use a Frame Tent?

Gulf Oryx Events’ frame tents are an impeccable choice for a wide array of occasions, where unobstructed interior space is paramount. Our frame tents shine in different settings. Frame tents are incredibly versatile and suitable for various occasions. These tents are ideal for events that require unobstructed interior space. You can use a frame tent for:

Weddings: Frame tents provide a beautiful backdrop for wedding ceremonies and receptions, accommodating seating arrangements, stages, and dance floors.

Exhibitions: Their open interiors make frame tents excellent choices for exhibitions, trade shows, and product displays.

Corporate Events: Frame tents offer professional settings for corporate gatherings, seminars, conferences, and workshops.

Parties: From birthday celebrations to cocktail parties, frame tents provide a blank canvas for creating unique event atmospheres.

What is a Tent-like Structure?

A tent-like structure refers to any shelter that resembles a tent in form and function but might deviate from the traditional fabric-covered design. It includes various types of temporary and semi-permanent structures that serve as event venues, outdoor lounges, or exhibition spaces. These structures can range from open-air pavilions to elaborate modular constructions.

What Are the 4 Types of Tents?

Tents come in a variety of types, each designed to suit different purposes and environments. Gulf Oryx Events specializes in a variety of tent types, each meticulously curated to match your specific requirements and preferences:

The four main types of tents are:

  • A-Frame Tent: Also known as a ridge tent, this classic design features steeply sloped sides, resembling the letter “A.” It’s easy to set up and offers good wind resistance.
  • Dome Tent: Dome tents have a rounded, geodesic shape with multiple intersecting poles, making them stable and suitable for various weather conditions.
  • Frame Tent: These tents use a rigid framework of poles to support the canopy, creating an unobstructed interior space.
  • Pop-Up Tent: Also called instant tents, pop-up tents are designed for quick and easy setup. They are portable and suitable for camping and outdoor events.

Feel free to reach out to Gulf Oryx Events if you have more questions about Arcum tents, frame tents, or any other tent-like structures. We’re here to assist you in choosing the perfect tent for your event needs in the UAE and KSA. Should you seek further insights about Gulf Oryx Events’ Arcum tents, frame tents, or any other innovative structures, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to guide you toward the perfect tent solution for your upcoming event in the UAE and KSA.


Gulf Oryx Events provides Arcum tents for hire in the UAE for events. Some of the features of these tents include the following: rich aesthetic appeal blended with functionality, weather-resistant material, flexible branding options, and modular configurations for various capacities. Some benefits that come with this kind of tent are natural light, strong structural integrity, and adaptability from small to big events. Gulf Oryx Events offers bespoke solutions backed by professional support to deliver seamless execution right from set up to dismantle.

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