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Banquet Chair on Rental for Events in UAE

Welcome to Gulf Oryx Events: Your ultimate source for transforming events, weddings, concerts, and exhibitions into unforgettable experiences through our exceptional banquet chair rentals. We redefine comfort and style, providing seating solutions that not only cater to your guests’ comfort but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your event.

Specifications of Our Premium Banquet Chair Rentals:

At Gulf Oryx Events, our banquet chair offerings are designed with both elegance and comfort in mind:

Variety of Options: Our banquet chair collection encompasses a wide range of styles, ensuring that you find the perfect seating arrangement to match your event’s theme and ambiance.

Optimal Comfort: The design of our banquet chairs prioritizes guest comfort without compromising on sophistication. From cushioned seats to supportive backrests, your guests will enjoy every moment spent in these chairs.

Durable Materials: We understand the demands of events, which is why our banquet chairs are crafted from high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity, allowing you to host event after event with confidence.

Experience the epitome of comfort and style with Gulf Oryx Events and our banquet chair rentals. Contact us today to explore how our seating solutions can transform your event space, providing guests with the ultimate seating experience. Let us assist you in creating an environment that combines elegance and comfort, making your event truly memorable for all attendees.


  • Cost-Effective: It might be more cost-effective to hire chairs rather than purchase them, especially if you require them for one-time events or events that are rarely held.
  • Variety of Styles: The firms usually have a wide diversity of chairs in different styles and colors for hire. This denotes that you will be able to get chairs that match your event, theme, or decoration.
  • Convenience: The delivery, setting up, and collection are usually handled by the rental company; hence, it saves you much time and energy.
  • Space-Saving: No space is required to hold chairs before and after the event if you rent chairs.
  • Flexibility: You can hire precisely the number of chairs that you require, hence saving on extra costs.
  • Professional looks: Most of these banquet chairs available for renting are cleaned and well-maintained, thus enhancing the look in your event.


  • Customization is limited: While there is a wide array of styles to choose from, in case you have very specific tastes, then you will probably never get exactly what you envisioned in your mind.
  • Damage Charges: You may be responsible for broken chairs at your event, either for repair or their replacement.
  • Not Availability: This sleek style or number you want may not be available during peak seasons of events.
  • Dependence on Logistics: You are completely dependent on the rental company for delivery and pickup on time, which always leaves one in the lurch in case of delay or schedule clashes.
  • Hidden Costs: Some rental agreements are going to have additional fees during delivery, setup, or cleaning that will add to the final cost.


What are banquet chairs called?

Banquet chairs are often simply referred to as “banquet chairs.” They are specially designed chairs for use at banquets, events, weddings, and other gatherings. These chairs are known for their comfort, versatility, and aesthetic appeal.

How wide is the back of a banquet chair?

The width of the back of a banquet chair can vary depending on the design and manufacturer. However, banquet chairs typically have backrests that range from around 16 to 20 inches in width.

What are the four types of chairs?

The four main types of chairs are armchairs, side chairs, recliners, and folding chairs. Each type serves different purposes and offers unique features.

What is a banquet style of sitting?

Banquet-style seating refers to long tables with chairs placed on both sides, typically used for formal dining occasions and events. This setup promotes interaction and a sense of togetherness among guests.

What are the 3 types of banquet?

The three main types of banquets are formal banquets (elegant, sophisticated affairs), business banquets (corporate events), and social banquets (celebratory gatherings).

What is called a banquet?

A banquet is a formal meal or social gathering that involves multiple courses of food and is often accompanied by speeches, entertainment, and various activities.

What are the 3 types of seating plans?

The three main types of seating plans are theater-style (rows of chairs facing the stage), classroom-style (tables and chairs with attendees facing the front), and banquet-style (long tables with chairs on both sides).


Gulf Oryx Events is designed to deliver the best quality rental banquet chairs anywhere in UAE or KSA. They aspire to add comfort and elegance to any event. These chairs are made from robust materials and are available in diversified styles so as to suit best the varied themes and ambiances. They cover all areas around UAE and KSA, effectively delivering a convenient quality service for weddings, exhibitions, and other functions.

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