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Acrylic Stage on Rental for Events in UAE

Introducing Acrylic Stage Rental – the perfect way to elevate your event and make it a memorable experience for all. With our high-quality acrylic stages, you can create the perfect setting for your event, no matter what the occasion may be.

What is Acrylic Stage

Discover the versatility of acrylic stages expertly crafted by In Depth Events. These beauties serve various purposes! Need a pool cover for your event? Acrylic stages have got you covered. Planning a dazzling LED Dance Floor? Acrylic stages will rock the show! But wait, there’s more! Any event-seeking stage lighting effects can benefit from acrylic stage rentals. They allow mesmerizing light transference that’ll amp up the ambiance. Let In Depth Events provide top-notch acrylic stage rentals for your next unforgettable event.

Acrylic Swimming Pool Covers

Acrylic swimming pool covers are super popular for event rentals, especially when discussing Plexiglas stage rentals. The main idea behind these stages is to let light pass through from below, creating a stunning effect. But here’s the cool part – these pool covers also give you extra event space!

When building these covers, you’ve got two acrylic options: clear and frosted. Both can handle weight just fine, but clear acrylic lets people see into the pool. On the other hand, frosted acrylic allows light to shine up but keeps the pool view hidden from your guests.

You can go for a flush-mount pool cover. This one sits nice, even with the concrete around the pool, adding a fantastic touch to any event.

Acrylic Stage Rentals as LED Dance Floors

Introducing the versatile world of acrylic staging, focusing on the ever-popular LED Dance Floors. At Gulf Oryx Events, we have been pioneers in providing LED Dance Floors on rent, and we’ve become masters in this domain.

Whether you need multi-level acrylic stages, custom shapes, or various sizes, we have got you covered. Plus, we’re no strangers to permanent installations. With countless LED and acrylic stage projects under our belt, you can trust us to deliver a dazzling experience.

Other Uses For Acrylic Stage Rentals

Acrylic wedding stages are incredibly versatile! Besides their typical uses, they shine as fashion runways, tradeshow floor exhibits, and art displays. Got questions about renting acrylic stages?

We are experts in the staging rental industry, trusted by various municipalities, parks, and venues across UAE. With our Certified Building Contractors status, we know our stuff.

Finding The Right Vendor For Acrylic Stage Rentals

Acrylic stages are not just stunning; they are as sturdy as regular stages when set up correctly. You need a vendor with experience setting up, manufacturing, and renting acrylic stages for special events to get the best results.

Finding the right company is crucial because acrylic stages require specific expertise. Luckily, we’ve been in the acrylic business for years. We pioneered LED Dance Floors for nationwide rentals and installations.

We also excel in creating clear and frosted pool covers. Additionally, we have set up acrylic stages for car displays, trade shows, and fashion runways. Plus, we have got you covered if you need a permanent installation.


This versatile product features a clear acrylic panel surface, providing a sleek and modern look. The collapsible riser comes in a standard 16″ size, with options to upgrade to 24″ or 32″ for added flexibility. You can choose from three different step heights: 8″, 16″, and 24″. Its impressive weight capacity of 600 kg per panel ensures stability and safety during use. The solid locking mechanism guarantees that the panels and riser stay securely in place. Get ready to elevate your displays and events with this reliable and stylish setup!


Visual Appeal:

Contemporary and Stylish: Acrylic stages are modern and can add aesthetic value to the event.
Customized Lighting: Can be illuminated from below with LED lights to create beautiful visual effects. Consistency:

Strong Material: Acrylic is a strong material and can take a lot of weight and pressure, making it appropriate for various types of events.


Numerous Uses: Fit for fashion runway, weddings, corporate events, and concerts due to its classy look.
Ability to mold in Shapes and Sizes: Shapes and sizes can be customized in line with different event spaces and design requirements.

See Through features:

Floating Effect: It can create a floating effect due to transparency, adding to the unique touch of the stage design.
Interactive Experiences: The possibility of visual elements including audio visuals under the stage for an immersive experience.

Ease of Care:

Easy to clean: shallow soiled surfaces are easy to clean, making sure that stages will look impeccable throughout the event.



Expensive Rental Charges: Acrylic stages may have expensive rental charges compared to traditional stages due to its material and the options for customization.
Additional Costs: Will have extra costs over that of the usual ones for lighting and installation.

Scuffing and Scratching:

The Sensitivity of the Surface: Acrylic is quite sensitive to scratches and scuffs, which can degrade its appearance with time.
Careful to Handle: They have to be handled carefully in the process of setting up and takedown to not be damaged.


Material Weight: It is a heavy material, so that makes transportation and setting up really hard and potentially expensive.
Load Capacity: To handle the acrylic panels, it is needed to make sure that the support structure is there.

Heat Sensitivity:

Risk of Warping: Acrylic can warp when exposed to heat, and this may be a cause for concern when it comes to outdoor events in hot climates.
Care with Lighting: Needs proper lighting solutions in order not to heat up the material.


Traction: The acrylic surface offers little traction and can become a hazard for performers and speakers.
Safety Measures: May need additional safety measures, such as non-slip mats or surface dressings.


Impact Sensitivity: Although durable, acrylic might crack or break if a great impact is applied.
Replacement Issues: Replacing damage might prove expensive and time-consuming.


How does acrylic stage rental work for events in UAE?

Acrylic stage rental in the UAE is a straightforward process. Contact a reliable event rental company, choose your preferred stage size and design, and they’ll handle the setup and dismantling for your event.

What are the benefits of using acrylic stages for events?

Acrylic stages offer a modern and elegant appearance, adding a touch of sophistication to any event. They also provide a sturdy and durable platform for performers and speakers.

Can I customize the acrylic stage to suit my event theme?

Yes. Most rental companies in UAE offer customizable options for acrylic stages, allowing you to tailor the stage design, color, and size to match your event’s unique theme and requirements.

Is professional installation included in the rental service?

Yes, reputable rental companies in UAE typically provide professional installation and setup services to ensure the acrylic stage is installed safely and securely for your event.


Acrylic stage rental allows one to incorporate a new and modern look to your event or performance with its features of aesthetics, durability, and versatility. But the above-mentioned factors, like initial cost, ruining of surface due to scratching and scuffing flags, weight, heat sensitivity, slipperiness, and even possible fragility, have to be considered. To a larger extent, the proper handling, maintenance, and precautionary measures provide a sort of cushion to these pitfalls in the renting of an acrylic stage and hence it will beautify the total presentation at the event.

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