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6+ Fencing on Rental & Sale for Events in UAE

At Gulf Oryx Events, we understand the diverse needs of our clients when it comes to fencing solutions. Whether you’re hosting an event, concert, wedding, or managing a construction site in Dubai, UAE, or KSA, our fencing options are tailored to meet your specific requirements. We provide a wide range of choices to enhance security, aesthetics, and overall functionality, ensuring the success of your project or event.

Heras Crowd Control Fence – Streamlined Event Management

Gulf Oryx Events offers Crowd Control Barriers that are essential for efficient event management. These barriers help maintain order, guide attendees, and create organized queues. Whether it’s a concert, a wedding, or a large-scale event, our crowd control barriers ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all attendees. Read more…

PVC Eco Fence – Environmentally Friendly and Stylish

When sustainability and aesthetics are paramount, Gulf Oryx Events offers PVC Eco Fences. These fences not only provide a barrier but also contribute to the overall ambiance of your event. They are an eco-friendly choice that complements the natural beauty of outdoor weddings and eco-conscious gatherings. Read more…

Picket Fence – Classic Elegance for Special Occasions

For weddings and events that require a touch of classic elegance, Gulf Oryx Events presents Picket Fences. These charming white picket fences add a timeless and picturesque quality to your event’s decor. They create a sense of romance and nostalgia, making them perfect for weddings and upscale gatherings. Read more…

Barasti Fence – Embrace Local Flair

Gulf Oryx Events understands the cultural significance of the region, and our Barasti Fences reflect this heritage. These traditional Arabian fences are a nod to local craftsmanship and are ideal for events that celebrate Gulf culture. They add an authentic touch to your event’s atmosphere. Read more…

Temporary Fencing for Construction Sites – Safety and Security First

When it comes to securing construction sites, Gulf Oryx Events offers Temporary Fencing solutions that prioritize safety and security. Our construction site fences are designed to keep unauthorized personnel out, ensuring the safety of workers and the integrity of your project. Read more…

Chain Link Fence – Security and Durability Combined

Gulf Oryx Events provides Chain Link Fencing that is synonymous with security and durability. Whether you’re organizing a concert, a large-scale event, or securing a construction site, our chain link fences offer reliable protection. Their sturdy design ensures that your premises remain safe and secure. Read more…

Pros & Cons

Heras Crowd Control Fence

Pros: Good for managing events, maintaining order, and directing visitors
Cons: Bulky and takes time to set up

PVC Eco Fence

Pros: Environmentally friendly and aesthetically good
Cons: Not as durable as others

Picket Fence

Pros: For elegance—best for wedding, high-end parties
Cons: Mostly for decoration, and not for high security
Barasti Fence

Pros: For local feel
Cons: Not too durable nor secure enough

Temporary Fencing for Construction Site

Pros: Provides both safety and security
Cons: Not too pleasing to see

Chain Link Fence

Pros: Durable and for high security
Cons: Industrial look means less aesthetic.


Gulf Oryx Events has a number of offerings in fences available for rent and sale in the UAE and KSA, specifically designed for your every event need. These products include:

Heras Crowd Control Fence: Ideal for the efficient management of large crowds.

PVC Eco Fence: One of the best for saving the environment and making events look more beautiful.

Picket Fence: The best option for bringing a classic and elegant look to special occasions.

Barasti Fence: For a local touch of culture.

Temporary Fencing for Construction Sites: Safety and security.

Chain Link Fence: Security and long-term durability.

These solutions accommodate needs from concerts and weddings to construction sites, ranging in safety, security, and magnified event management.

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