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Hydraulic Stage Lifts on Rental for Events in UAE

When it comes to your outdoor event, having the right stage is vital. That’s where Gulf Oryx Events’ hydraulic stage lift rental service comes in. We are here to make your event a smashing success. Whether you need a stage for your band’s epic performance or a covered setup for graduates to walk on, we’ve got you covered.

However, there’s still more!

We provide a whole package that includes generators, sound, lighting, video, and even a dance floor! The entire package is included to elevate your event.

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Advantages of Using A Hydraulic Stage

Looking for a UAE stage rental? Go for hydraulic stages! They’re a breeze to set up and take down, making them perfect for venues needing quick setups or swift post-event removal. In just 30 minutes to a few hours, you’re all set! You won’t need a whole crew—two to four stagehands can handle it. These stages come preassembled, so less hassle for you. Add screens, backdrops, sound, and lighting; you’re ready to rock! Simplify your stage setup with hydraulic stages

Fast Friendly Service, Quick and Easy Setup

Hydraulic stage rental in UAE is a fantastic solution for most needs! Here’s why:

  1. Easy Setup: A simple setup saves time, labour, and money.
  2. Super Solid: No more worries about stage collapses in extreme weather. Hydraulic stages are built tough and anchored securely to the ground. No knocking over!
  3. Flexible Delivery: Get your hydraulic stage delivered almost anywhere you need it.

These benefits make hydraulic stages a top choice for hassle-free, safe, and sturdy event setups. Take advantage of this smart rental option!

Mobile Hydraulic Stages vs. Modular Stages

At Gulf Oryx Events, we offer mobile hydraulic stages – portable concert stages or stage trailers. These stages are easy to move around as they’re on wheels and can be attached to a truck. No complex installations are needed; they’re efficient and retractable.
But hold on!

You might also encounter portable, modular stages elsewhere, but we don’t offer them. These stages require assembly piece by piece, like those seen at small graduation ceremonies. They are flat surfaces but labour-intensive to build.
Our hydraulic stages are the way to go for hassle-free setup and versatility, leaving you free to focus on the event itself.

Hydraulic Lift Stages

Introducing Gulf Oryx Events’ robust Hydraulic Stage Lift systems, the true workhorses for various applications. These lift systems effortlessly raise heavy equipment, performers, or products to gain attention or make grand appearances on stage. These systems can lift from 5 to 15 feet with unlimited travel length and easy remote control. Perfect for revealing artists, video screens, vehicles, or products, they come in any size or configuration you need. Custom manufacturing is available to fit seamlessly into your stage set. Gulf Oryx Events is your go-to vendor for Hydraulic Lift Stage Systems.


Flexibility and Versatility:

  • Adjustable Heights: These hydraulic lifts can be adjusted to different heights, in order to meet the different layouts of the stage required by the event.
  • Variety of Sizes: These stage lifts come in a range of sizes and carrying capacities to comply with the requirements of small to large events.

Ease of Use:

  • Simple Operation: Very easy to operate equipment with user-friendly controls, reducing the need for huge training sessions
  • Quick Setup: Quick setup and takedown times, which are valuable for events with tight schedules


  • Stable Platforms: A stable platform for performers, equipment, and set pieces
  • Safety Features: Equipped with safety features like emergency stop buttons and safety-rail


  • No Maintenance Costs: The rental removes the maintenance and storage costs
  • Short-Term Use: Best for an event, as it allows one to be used for a short time without the long-term investment that can be incurred with actual equipment purchase.

Professional Support:

  • Technical Support: There is often technical support available from rental companies along with access to their operators, thus making the show a success with the equipment.
  • Customization: Available to meet specific needs for an event: size of the lift platform and weight capacity.



  • Rental Fees: The total rental fees can accumulate depending on the duration and the type of lift being acquired, especially for longer events.
  • Additional Charges: There will be extra charges for delivery, setup, and technical support.


  • High Demand: There can be limited availability during the peak eventness in case of peak demand, therefore it’s advisable to book early.
  • Limited Choices: The choice might be very limited if booking is last minute.

Dependency on Supplier:

  • Reliability: Dependence on the rental company for timely delivery, setup, and maintenance.
  • Service Quality: Variability in service quality, which may impact the event execution.

Logistics and Coordination:

  • Coordination: Requires coordination with the rental company for delivery and setup, which might be complex for larger events
  • Site Preparation: May require some site preparations such as ensuring a level surface and adequate space.

Potential for Technical Issues:

  • Mechanical Failures: Mechanical failures may occur, causing a disruption in the event.
  • Operator Error: The potential for operator error may exist if not properly trained or if technical support is not readily available.


How does a 2-stage hydraulic pump work?

A 2-stage hydraulic pump operates by using two separate pumping sections. The first stage generates high pressure, and the output of this stage feeds into the second stage, further increasing the hydraulic pressure. This design allows for higher efficiency and increased pressure output for demanding hydraulic systems.

What is a two-stage hydraulic pump?

A two-stage hydraulic pump is a type of pump with two distinct pumping sections. It’s commonly used in hydraulic systems that require higher pressures. The first stage builds initial pressure, and then the output of the first stage is directed into the second stage, resulting in even higher hydraulic pressure for efficient and powerful operations.


Gulf Oryx Events offers hydraulic stages for events in Dubai and the UAE. These are easy set-ups and dismantle structures, needing a minimum of manpower, and can be accompanied by a sound, lighting, and video rig, making a complete concept. Such a feature provides stability and flexibility in the appropriate setup time. They also have mobile hydraulic stages that are portable for different events. The firm ensures the reliable delivery of appropriate and complex stage lift systems to their clients across the UAE and KSA for the various needs of an event.

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