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Pagoda Party Tent on Rental For Events in UAE

Welcome to Gulf Oryx Events, the leading provider of top-quality tents, shades, and mobile halls in the UAE. Our exceptional range of products offers the perfect solution for all your outdoor events, be it exhibitions, conferences, wedding ceremonies, sports events, international celebrations, private occasions, festivals, camps, storage, or temporary rest areas for laborers.

As the demand for tents continues to soar, Gulf Oryx Events has taken the industry by storm. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our provision of custom-designed wedding tents that effortlessly match the elegance and style of your special day. Our 40-meter wide tent provides a spacious haven that can accommodate any event or occasion, ensuring an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Whether planning an intimate gathering or a grand extravaganza, our team of experts is dedicated to making your vision a reality. From the initial consultation to the final setup, we provide a seamless experience, ensuring every detail is perfectly executed. Trust Gulf Oryx Events to transform your event into an extraordinary affair that leaves a lasting impression.

Contact us today and let Gulf Oryx Events be your trusted partner in creating unforgettable memories.

Specification of Tent

Structure Frame Details

Regarding outdoor pagoda tents, we pride ourselves on delivering the best. Let’s talk about the backbone of our tent: the structure frame.
Our pagoda tent frames are crafted from premium aluminum alloy and embody durability and longevity.

Their unique pagoda shape and four sturdy legs guarantee unparalleled stability and support. Worried about transportation? Fear not! Our lightweight frames are designed for easy transport, ensuring a hassle-free setup for your outdoor event. Trust Gulf Oryx Events to provide you with the perfect pagoda tent experience.

Covering Details

We understand that every detail matters when creating an unforgettable event. Our Pagoda canopy tents are meticulously designed with your comfort and style in mind.

The tent’s covering is crafted from high-quality PVC material that is waterproof, UV-resistant, and fire-retardant, ensuring a safe environment for the guests.  To make your event truly special, our tents are available in a wide range of different colors, allowing you to match the theme and ambiance you desire perfectly.

Moreover, our durable material is incredibly easy to clean and maintain, guaranteeing that your Pagoda tent will stay immaculate and elegant throughout your event.

Capacity of Sizes

Our inventory includes popular sizes like 10×10 feet and 20×20 feet, ensuring we have options to suit any event. However, if you need something bigger, just let us know, and we’ll gladly accommodate your request.

Designed to create a comfortable and stylish setting, our Pagoda tents are ideal for various occasions, such as parties, outdoor weddings, and corporate events. Their elegant design and sturdy construction add a touch of sophistication while ensuring your guests have a weather-resistant space to enjoy.

At Gulf Oryx Events, we offer high-quality Pagoda tent rentals that guarantee style and functionality. Our commitment to excellence means you can trust us to deliver the best tents for your event in Dubai and across the UAE.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create an unforgettable experience. Contact us today!

Pagoda Tent Usage

Here’s why you should choose our Pagoda tents for your next event:

  • Perfect for weddings and banquets: Our Pagoda tents are ideal for hosting a memorable wedding ceremony or a lavish banquet. They can be seamlessly attached to larger wedding tents, creating a stunning and spacious venue that will leave your guests in awe.
  • Style party: Whether you are throwing a birthday bash or a corporate celebration, our Pagoda tents add a stylish flair to any party setting. With their unique shape and customizable options, you can create a festive atmosphere that will impress your guests.
  • Versatile for outdoor meetings and promotions: Need a temporary shelter for outdoor meetings or captivating advertising space? Our Pagoda marquees are the perfect solution. They provide a professional and eye-catching venue for meetings, promotions, and brand activations, making a lasting impression on your audience.
  • Canopies for various events: Our Pagoda tents can serve as versatile canopies for various events, including concerts, beer festivals, exhibitions, and trade fairs. They offer excellent protection from the elements while providing an open and inviting space for attendees to gather and enjoy the experience.
  • Entrance canopy or shelter: Make a grand entrance with our Pagoda marquee tents. Use them as an impressive entrance canopy, guiding your guests into your event with style. They also serve as reliable shelters, keeping guests comfortable and protected during weather conditions.


Aesthetic Appeal:

Elegant Design: Pagoda tents display an exclusive stylish look with peaked roofs. The peaked roofs provide elegance and sophistication to any event.
Customization: They can be decorated and customized according to a theme or even the conditions required for the event, enhancing the overall aesthetic.


Multiple Uses: It can be used for a wide variety of events, from weddings to corporate events, parties, exhibitions, and others.
Size Options: They are available in different sizes, ranging from small to large, in order to accommodate any size of gathering.
Weather Protection:

Durable Materials: Made with durable materials that can withstand wind, sun, and light rain.
Sidewalls: Most of these tents are available with optional sidewalls to offer additional coverage and privacy.


Easy Setup: Comparatively easy to set up and take down.
Professional Service: Delivery, construction, and takedown services are usually pre-arranged with the rental company.


Affordability: Renting is cheaper than buying, especially in one-time or once-in-a-while scenarios.



Cost of Hire: Though hiring is cheaper than purchasing, it still could be a bit pricey, especially for the quality and bigger tents.
Additional Delivery, Set-up,

Tear-down Charges: Some would charge separately for delivery, installation, and dismantling.


High Demand: The pagoda tents are in great demand, so during the height of seasonal events, the availability may be at a low quantity. Booking in advance is necessary to obtain the type of tent needed.

Weather Limitations:

Harsh Weather: Though they have some form of protection against elements of the weather, pagoda tents may not possess sufficient strength to sustain hard weather conditions such as copious rain, strong wind, or exceedingly high or extremely low temperatures.

Space Needs:

Ground Space: Requires a lot of flat, open space to be installed properly, which can be a limiting factor in places and venues.

Maintenance and Cleanliness:

Wear and Tear: Signs of wear on the rented tents can be evident. It is always advisable to inspect the tent upon delivery to check that it is up to your standard.
Cleaning: Cleaning of the equipment may be required after the event, and some rental companies may have an additional charge for cleaning if excessive cleaning is needed.


What is a pagoda tent?

A pagoda tent is a type of tent characterized by its unique shape, inspired by traditional Asian architecture. It features a pointed roof and multiple sidewalls, creating an elegant and distinctive appearance for any event.

What is the size of a pagoda tent?

There are a variety of pagoda tent sizes to choose from at Gulf Oryx Events. Our most popular sizes are the 10 x 10 and 20 x 20 pagoda party tents, but we also offer larger sizes to accommodate bigger events.

What is special about pagodas?

What sets pagoda tents apart is their exceptional aesthetic appeal. The striking design adds a touch of sophistication and charm to any event. With their versatile usage options and ability to attach to larger tents, pagoda tents are a popular choice for creating captivating entrances, sheltered walkways, and eye-catching promotional spaces.

What is a pagoda canopy?

A pagoda canopy is a type of roof that is typically used on pagodas and other types of Buddhist temples. The canopy is a large, often ornate, roof that hangs over the building’s main entrance.

Experience Unforgettable Events with Gulf Oryx Events!

At Gulf Oryx Events, we bring your dream events to life with our exceptional Pagoda on Rental service in the UAE. Our exquisite pagodas provide the perfect setting for your special occasions, be it corporate events, weddings, exhibitions, or private celebrations. With our extensive range of pagodas in various sizes and configurations, we offer unparalleled flexibility to cater to your unique requirements. Book now and let Gulf Oryx Events transform your vision into an unforgettable reality. Contact us today to discuss your event needs.


Gulf Oryx Events is able to rent premium party pagoda tents for various weddings, corporate gatherings, and outdoor events within UAE and KSA. The frames are made of strong aluminum alloy with a PVC covering that ensures high abrasion quality. In addition, they have varying sizes from 10 by 10 to 20 by 20 feet in size. The tents are waterproof, UV-resistant, and fire-retardant, thus guaranteeing safety and comfort. Personalization is possible to help in brushing up on any event themes. From consultation to set-up, Gulf Oryx Events offers its services so clients find everything under one roof.

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