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T2 Flooring on Rental for Events in UAE

Gulf Oryx Events is your go-to place for great floors. We have this special kind called T2 Flooring. It’s strong and works for various things, like business meetings or big outdoor parties.

What’s cool about T2 Flooring? You can use it inside and outside! If you need a sturdy floor for a show or a safe one for an outside party, T2 can do it. It even fits together just right, so everyone can walk on it easily.

Want something old-fashioned and fun? Try our VW T2 Flooring. It is perfect for car shows or old-timey parties. It might even be great for weddings.

We do not just sell floors at Gulf Oryx Events; we help you pick the perfect one. Whether you want wood, dark wood, or our amazing T2, we have got it. We will work with you to ensure the floor is just right for your event. Just call us, and let’s make your party or event special!

What is T2 Flooring

Looking to jazz up your floors? T2 woven vinyl floor covering is here to help! It’s made by mixing seven different tile shapes, making you have real fun with your floor’s design. You can change the look by choosing different colors and directions of the yarn. And when the light hits it? Magic happens!

There are five cool series: Fantasy, Deluxe-Jacquard, Classic, Delux, and Elegant. So whether you want a full roll for a big room or just a rug for a small spot, T2 has something for you. It is like choosing a new outfit for your floor.


Looking for a way to make your floors stand out? T2 Flooring is here to save the day! Here’s what makes it special:

  1. Lots of Shapes: T2 uses seven different tile shapes. That means you can make lots of different patterns. It’s like playing a fun puzzle on your floor!
  2. Colors and Light: You can choose colors and yarn directions to change the look. When light hits it, it looks even cooler.
  3. Five Series to Choose From: Fantasy, Deluxe-Jacquard, Classic, Delux, Elegant – these are the styles you can choose. There’s something for everyone!
  4. Rolls or Rugs: Whether you need to cover a big room or a small spot, T2 has what you need. It’s like picking the perfect size of clothes for your floor.
  5. Strong Material: The woven vinyl is not just good-looking; it’s also strong. It’s made to last a long time.

T2 Flooring makes choosing the look of your floors fun and easy. It’s more than just something to walk on; it is a way to show your style.


Can I choose different patterns with T2 Flooring?

Yes, T2 Flooring lets you play with seven different tile shapes, various colors, and yarn directions. It’s like a customizable puzzle for your floor, making each design unique and fun.

What series are in T2 Flooring, and can I get both rolls and rugs?

T2 offers five trendy series: Fantasy, Delux-Jacquard, Classic, Delux, and Elegant. Whether you want a full roll or just a rug, T2 has something to match your taste and space.

How durable is T2’s woven vinyl floor covering?

T2’s woven vinyl is not just stylish; it’s strong too! Made to last, it combines good looks with durability. So you can enjoy your beautiful floor without worrying about wear and tear.


Gulf Oryx Events rents out T2 flooring, suitable for events, concerts, and weddings in the UAE and KSA. The T2 flooring is versatile, durable, and also easy to fix, perfect for both outdoor and indoor events and occasions. The flooring has several designs and colors and comes in five series: Fantasy, Deluxe-Jacquard, Classic, Delux, and Elegant. These can be rolled or rug typed, hence giving a variety of laying options according to the space of an event. The program brings in Gulf Oryx Events to help choose just the right kind of flooring for any occasion.

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