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Scaffolding Stage on Rental for Events in UAE

Looking to elevate your event to new heights? Look no further than our scaffolding stage rental! Our equipment is top quality and sure to make your event a success!

Our Event Scaffolding stage Rental Services

  • Gulf Oryx Events offers swing stage scaffolding rental and more
  • Comprehensive seating, crowd control, and security solutions for events of all sizes
  • Easily installed and removed mobile stages in various sizes
  • Versatile scaffold structures suitable for different terrains, even where ground disturbance is undesirable
  • Tower staging for incredible sight lines, configurable for your event
  • Support structures to enhance the event’s atmosphere
  • Custom softgoods, protective groundcover, and staging accessories
  • Strong and versatile staging and grid systems
  • Safe, reliable, and durable rigging equipment
  • Setting industry standards with permanent and temporary installations

Customizable Outdoor Stage Design

Introducing Gulf Oryx Events, the pioneers in renting tough and adaptable custom staging for outdoor concerts and events. Our expert team of engineers, marketers, and crew professionals brings top-notch entertainment production expertise to every client we serve. Choosing Gulf Oryx Events guarantees a world-class experience regardless of the event’s size.

We’re all about versatility! From temporary to permanent portable staging, we’ve designed and built stages for outdoor events all over the globe. But that’s not all. Indoors or outdoors, we’ve got you covered with an incredible range of customized staging.

More About the Scaffolding Works

Looking to set up a top-notch stage platform in the UAE?

We are experts in constructing scaffolding for stages and events in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, offering different heights to suit your needs. Our “standards” come in various sizes to build the perfect scaffolding setup, complete with access stairs for convenience.

Our Condor stages offer options like lateral, single, or double walls, all at varying heights. These stages use multidirectional scaffoldings directly connected to the stage, allowing seamless integration of lifting engines for coverings and audio/light systems.

We take pride in creating outstanding event setups tailored to your style and preferences. Choose us for renting scaffolding work, and we’ll make your UAE event an unforgettable experience, all while keeping your satisfaction as our ultimate goal.

Why Rent Scaffolding Stage From Us?

Our stages are top-notch with a painted and carpeted finish, complete with handrails for safety. Plus, we provide platforms and scaffolding screen support for LED screens, staircases, lighting towers, camera towers, and all kinds of temporary walls with netted or ply cladding. Need to protect certain areas? We have got you covered with fencing and barriers. All our materials meet the BS/EN Standards, including Steel Scaffolding, Cuplock Scaffolding, Aluminium Mobile Towers, Frames, Tubes, and accessories. Let’s make your event a success!


Material: Scaffolding platforms come in two main materials: aluminum and steel. Aluminum platforms are light and easy to move, while steel platforms are more challenging and can handle heavier weights.

Dimensions: In terms of size, these platforms are usually 2-3 meters long and 0.5-1 meter wide. Plus, their height is adjustable to suit the job’s requirements.

Weight: Regarding weight, scaffolding platforms are built to support workers, tools, and equipment. Depending on the model, they can handle around 250-500 kg per square meter.

Safety First: Scaffolding platforms must have guardrails, toe boards, and other safety features to prevent falls and accidents. Always adhere to safety guidelines and regulations when using scaffolding.

Mobility: Certain scaffolding platforms are mobile, equipped with wheels or casters for easy job site maneuverability. Others are stationary and meant for use in one location. Choose the right type for your needs.

Andiamo’s Cup lock Scaffolding for Construction

As a top-notch scaffolding company and supplier in UAE , we pride ourselves on delivering the best services at affordable rates. Our expertise lies in construction, where we excel in maintenance and repair work for buildings and bridges. We extend our services to support work crews and materials across various man-made structures.

With a team of supervisors, we manage large scaffold projects with ease. Our pre-construction team consists of professionals with a clear vision, assisting throughout the project. Safety and design are paramount to us, and our teams in these areas are among the finest in the industry. Trust us for all your scaffolding needs in the UAE!

Comprehensive Event Scaffolding

Welcome to our full-service scaffolding solution company! We know how crucial a great guest experience is. Our elevated platforms and seating are designed to handle challenging landscapes and terrains, ensuring the best views for everyone.

Check out our festival scaffolding products and expertise, tailor-made for any situation:

  • Stage scaffolding with light towers and speaker stands
  • Comfy bleachers
  • Sturdy camera stands
  • Reliable bridging
  • Crowd control barriers
  • Solid foundations for tents

About Our Rental Solutions

At Gulf Oryx Events, we offer affordable swing-stage system rentals. You can even customize these scaffolds to match your project requirements. Renting is a cost-effective option that lowers expenses and boosts your bottom line. With our swing stage scaffold rental, your crews can work more efficiently and safely, even in challenging conditions. Get project-specific equipment for productive results!



  • Lower Initial Investment: Renting eliminates the need for a significant initial investment; the amount that would have been spent on buying scaffolds.
  • Predictable: The costs of renting are predictable and can fit within a set budget, benefiting you when planning for the event from a budgetary standpoint.


  • Options Diversified: Rental companies offer different types based on the need of the event, be it for stages, sitting, or lighting rigs.
  • Scalability: You can scale the number of scaffolds rented by the size and scope of the event to prevent waste or a shortage.

Safety and Maintenance

  • Maintenance: Rental companies maintain the scaffolding and ensure that it is in good condition.
  • Safety Standards: Reputable rentals ensure that their scaffolding adheres to the current safety standards and regulations set.


  • Delivery and Installation: Rental services usually offer to install and take down the scaffolds, thus saving the user time and labor.
  • Support: The rental company may provide some technical support in case of a problem during the event.


  • No Storage: Renting doesn’t involve having a storage area, because the company delivers the scaffold when needed and picks it up after an event.


Recurring Cost

  • Long-Term Spending: Rental prices fluctuate, and in the case of frequent events, you may end up spending more on renting than buying the scaffolding.
  • Variable Pricing: Rentals may fluctuate due to demand, location, and duration, making it challenging to predict your long-term spend.


  • Limited Resources: High demand during peak event seasons may end up hurting your chances of getting the ideal scaffolds you need.
  • Lead Time: The time it will take to book in advance to get the scaffolds might end up complicating last-minute planning.


  • Wear and Tear: The scaffolding may be in an undesirable condition due to previous usage, thus compromising its safety and visual attributes.
  • Standardization: The quality and specification of rented scaffolding might not always be suitable for a particular event.

Dependency on One Supplier

  • Reliability: Often, the event’s success lies in the hands of the rental company. Any delivery or setup delays on their part could hamper the timelines of the event.
  • Quality of Service: This may vary from one rental company to another and has an impact on the overall experience during the event.

Limitation on Customization

  • Design Constraints: There could be a lack of event design flexibility when renting scaffolding because they may be custom-made to satisfy the need to stand out.
  • Uniformity: What is offered and available as scaffolding options may not be ideal, in terms of dynamics, for your event’s thematic or aesthetic specifications.


What is swing stage scaffolding?

Swing stage scaffolding is a suspended platform system used in construction and maintenance work. It allows workers to access and work on elevated areas of buildings or structures.

How often does swing stage scaffolding need to be inspected?

Swing stage scaffolding should be inspected regularly, typically before each use, following local regulations and safety standards. Daily pre-use checks are essential to ensure the equipment’s safety and stability.

What is scaffold staging?

Scaffold staging refers to setting up and assembling scaffolding structures to provide a safe working platform for construction, maintenance, or repair tasks at heights. It involves carefully designing and arranging scaffold components for optimal safety and functionality.


Gulf Oryx Events provides high-quality scaffolding stage rental services to any event in Dubai and the UAE. They provide rental of tailored outdoor and indoor stages, permitting installation on any surface or environment. Their services cover stage scaffolding together with lighting towers, speaker stands, camera towers, and crowd control barriers. Materials are BS/EN standard-rated for total safety and dependability in use. Gulf Oryx also offers the rental of its swing-stage system and can provide

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