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8+ Barriers on Rental & Sale for Events in UAE

At Gulf Oryx Events, we offer a wide range of barriers and crowd control solutions to meet the unique requirements of your event, whether it’s a concert, wedding, exhibition, or any other special gathering in Dubai, UAE, or KSA. Our barriers not only enhance safety and organization but also contribute to the overall ambiance, leaving a lasting impression on your attendees.

Mojo Barriers – Elevate Safety and Crowd Control

At Gulf Oryx Events, we understand that safety and crowd control are paramount for any event. Our Mojo Barriers are designed to ensure the smooth flow of attendees while enhancing security. With their robust construction and sleek design, Mojo Barriers not only provide a barrier but also contribute to the overall aesthetics of your event. Read more…

Police Barrier – Professional Crowd Management

When it comes to large-scale events and concerts, Gulf Oryx Events offers Police Barriers for professional crowd management. These barriers are designed to emulate the authority and control of law enforcement, ensuring the safety and orderliness of your event. Read more…

Water Barriers – Flexible Solutions for Event Layouts

Water Barriers from Gulf Oryx Events provide versatile options for event layouts. They can be easily adjusted to suit your event’s needs. These barriers are not only functional but also serve as a visual component, adding a touch of elegance to your event’s perimeter. Read more…

Cafe Barriers – Create Exclusive Event Zones

For events that require defined spaces or exclusive zones, our Cafe Barriers are an ideal choice. They not only offer crowd control but also provide a stylish way to designate areas for cafes, lounges, or VIP sections. Gulf Oryx Events ensures that your event stands out with these premium barriers. Read more…

Retractable Barrier – Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Gulf Oryx Events’ Retractable Barriers offer flexibility like no other. Whether you need to adjust the entry points, create queues, or section off specific areas, these barriers can be easily extended or retracted. They provide a dynamic solution for event management. Read more…

Concrete Barrier – Heavy-Duty Security and Protection

For events that require heavy-duty security and protection, Gulf Oryx Events offers Concrete Barriers. These robust barriers are designed to withstand even the most challenging conditions, ensuring the safety of your event and its attendees. Read more…

Rope and Pole – Classic Elegance for Special Occasions

Gulf Oryx Events understands the importance of creating an elegant atmosphere for special occasions like weddings and upscale events. Our Rope and Pole barriers exude classic charm and sophistication, adding a touch of luxury to your event’s ambiance. Read more…

Queue Manager – Orderly Crowd Guidance

Efficient crowd management is essential for the success of any event, and Gulf Oryx Events’ Queue Managers are up to the task. These devices are designed to guide attendees in an orderly fashion, ensuring smooth entry and exit processes while maintaining a comfortable experience for all. Read more…


Pros :

Increased Safety: Barriers such as Mojo and Police barriers create durable crowd control solutions and improve safety.

Flexibility: Water and retractable barriers provide flexible solutions for different event layouts.

Aesthetics: Cafe barriers and rope-and-pole systems offer a fashionable, elegant look for events.

Professional Management: Queue managers ensure order in crowd movement, improving the experience of attendees.

Heavy-Duty Protection: Concrete barriers provide extreme security and protection in high-risk events.

Cons :

Cost: High-quality barriers can be expensive to rent and can be a burden on the event budget.

Complex to Set Up: In some cases, barriers require a lot of time and resources to install, such as concrete barriers.

Can Lead to Space Constraints: Some large barriers can occupy a lot of space and limit event layouts.

Maintenance: Keeping barriers in a presentable and functional state will also take part in event preparation.


Below are 8 types of barriers available from Gulf Oryx Events for use at events including concerts, weddings, and exhibitions taking place across the UAE and KSA.

Mojo Barriers: Designed to offer safety and effective crowd control.

Police Barriers: Ideal for professional crowd management.

Water Barriers: Ensuring flexible solutions for event layouts.

Café Barriers: Helping to create exclusive event zones.

Retractable Barriers: Ensuring adjustable entry points.

Concrete Barriers: The perfect solution for heavy-duty security.

Rope and Pole: With a touch of elegance.

Queue Managers: Ideal for ensuring orderly crowd guidance.

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