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Hard turf flooring on Rental for Event in UAE

Gulf Oryx Events provides strong and eye-catching outdoor flooring, known as hard turf. You can rent it for sports games, music festivals, or large company meetings.

This type of flooring is very tough and can handle many people walking on it, even in bad weather. The tiles fit together, making a smooth surface easy to walk on. You can choose different colors and thicknesses to fit your event’s style.

Gulf Oryx Events will tailor it to your needs, whether you need to cover a big space or a small spot. Our expert team will deliver, set up, and clean the flooring after the event, all without any fuss.

Gulf Oryx Events focuses on satisfying customers. The hard turf flooring rental is one way we make gatherings memorable. Contact them to learn more and begin planning your event.

What is Hard Turf Flooring

Hard turf flooring looks like natural grass but is made from solid materials. People often use it for outdoor events like sports games, music festivals, or big gatherings because it can handle lots of walking and lousy weather.

The flooring is made of tiles that fit together to make a smooth surface. You can walk on it easily, and it does not wear out quickly.

Different colors and thicknesses are available, so you can choose what looks best for your event. A team can lay down hard turf flooring briefly and remove it when the event ends. It’s a good choice if you want something that looks nice and lasts long without any trouble.


  • Quality Material: Our flooring’s tough and shiny. It looks great and can handle lots of dancing feet.
  • Quick Setup: Need it fast? No worries! We can set up our floors in no time. Just tell us when and where.
  • Various Sizes: Have a big party or a small gathering? We have got different sizes to fit any event. Just like the perfect pair of shoes!
  • Safe and Sturdy: Safety’s our number one thing. Our floors are strong, won’t slip, and make everyone feel safe.
  • Affordable Rental: Your wallet’s going to love this! We have options that won’t break the bank but will make your event look like a million bucks.
  • Easy Cleanup: We have got it covered once the party’s over. We will handle the cleanup, so you don’t have to worry.
  • Custom Designs: Want something unique? Tell us your dream look, and we’ll make it happen. Your event, your way.


Durability and Stability:

  • Heavy Foot Traffic: Hard turf can bear heavy foot traffic without developing signs of wear and tear.
  • Stable Surface: It provides a stable and even surface thus reducing the chances of tripping or falling.

Aesthetic Appeal:

  • Professional Look: It gives a clean, professional outlook, suitable for various kinds of events.
  • Customization: It can be made according to the color and design of an event’s theme.


  • Multi-Use: It can be used for various kinds of events ranging from sports to corporate functions.
  • Weather Resistance: It can be applied both indoors and outdoors. It is completely resistant to various climatic conditions.

Easy Maintenance:

  • Low Upkeep: It requires less maintenance when compared to natural grass.
  • Cleaning: Clean and can be maintained during and after the event easily.

Protection for Underlying Surfaces:

  • Surface Preservation: It guards underlying surfaces like natural grass or sensitive flooring.



  • High Rental Fees: It will be more expensive to rent in contrast with other flooring types.
  • Installation and Removal Costs: Additional costs associated with the professional installation and removal process.


  • Hard Surface: Less comfortable, particularly in long periods, compared to softer flooring.
  • Temperature: This surface becomes very hot if it comes directly under the sun, which could become unbearable for the audience.

Environmental Impact:

  • Non-Biodegradable: Most hard turf materials are not biodegradable and thus pose a risk to the environment.
  • Heat Retention: As it absorbs heat, it acts as a natural agent in the rise of temperatures in the event area.

Storage and Transport:

  • Space Requirements: When not in use, it occupies significant storage space.
  • Heavy: It can be heavy, and hence may turn out to be a hassle to transport this. It frequently requires specialized equipment for its movement.

Installation Time:

  • Time-Consuming: Installation is time-consuming. It involves careful planning and also skilled labor.


What is turf flooring?

Turf flooring is a type of surface made to look like grass but way more durable. It’s used in sports fields, gyms, and events.

Can you lay turf on a hard surface?

Yes. Turf can be laid on hard surfaces like concrete. It stays put and looks fantastic.

Is turf the same as artificial grass?

Yes, turf is just another name for artificial grass. It looks like the real thing but without the mud!

Can I install turf on concrete?

Yes. Installing turf on concrete is common and works great. It adds a touch of green anywhere.

How do you install turf in a gym?

In a gym, turf is rolled out and secured down. It adds a sporty feel and is perfect for workouts.

Is artificial grass good for gym?

Artificial grass, or turf, is awesome for gyms. It’s soft enough for comfort but tough for training.

Is turf hard or soft?

Turf’s a bit of both! It’s soft to touch but hard-wearing. It’s comfortable but can take a beating.

What is turf material?

Turf is made from synthetic fibers. It’s designed to look and feel like grass but last a whole lot longer.


Gulf Oryx Events is a specialized company in the rental of hard turf flooring for any event applicable in UAE and KSA. It’s perfect for any sporting game event, music festivals, or any other type of large congregations. They are durable, weather-resistant, available in many colors and thicknesses, making them safe because of their interlocking tiles design. Set up, customization, and effective clean-up are ensured to make the event truly convenient and cost-effective.

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