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Round Stage on Rental for Events in UAE

Introducing our captivating round stage rentals, designed to transform your event, wedding, or concert into an immersive experience. With a round stage, performers become the focal point, captivating the audience from all angles.

Specifications of Our Mesmerizing Round Stage Rentals:

Our round stages are dynamic platforms that engage both performers and attendees. Here’s why our round stages stand out:

360-Degree Audience Engagement: With the audience surrounding the round stage, every seat offers a prime view. This unique layout creates an intimate connection between performers and attendees, ensuring an immersive experience for all.

Versatile Adaptability: Our round stages can be customized in various sizes and configurations, adapting seamlessly to different event setups. From weddings to concerts and corporate events, our round stages accommodate your vision.

Envision extraordinary events with Gulf Oryx Events and our wooden and round stage rentals. Contact us today to explore how our stage setups can transform your event space, creating remarkable moments and captivating experiences. Let us help you bring your event vision to life, whether through a stunning wooden stage or an immersive round stage that takes center stage.


360-Degree View:

Audience Engagement: Provides the capacity for an audience to surround performers, enhancing a more intimate, immersive experience.

Better Sightlines: All audience members have a clear view of the stage, eliminating obstructed views that can occur with traditional rectangular stages.

Unique Aesthetic:

Visual Appeal: The uniqueness of the round shape offers a modern look and feel to an event.

Dynamic Presentations: Improve opportunities for outdoor round stages, promoting more dynamic and creative stage design and performances.

Flexible Placement:

Versatile: May be placed in many areas of a venue to give flexibility based on the use of space.

Adaptive: Can be used for various event types, such as music concerts and corporate presentations.

Audience Interaction:

Better Interaction: Performers can communicate with the audience from all sides, increasing interactivity.

Movement: Potential to move around the stage, which can take up the entire space.


Complicated to Set Up:

Installation Time: 360-degree staging will often be more time-consuming to set up than traditional staging.

Technical Issues: The set up can be challenging in terms of measurement and placement, especially when integrating lighting and sound equipment.


Sound Distribution: Might be hard to even the sound throughout the space, given the 360-degree setup.

Echo and Feedback: The risk of echo and sound feedback issues is more pronounced, and the area sometimes needs special acoustic treatment.

Accessibility to the Audience:

Seating Plan: It may be more challenging to ensure that all audience members are comfortable in a seating area, as the seating extends around the entire stage.

Entry and Exit Points: There needs to be a closer eye on the entry and exit points of audience members for seating to ensure no one is accidentally walked into.

Performer Adjustment:

Performance Type: The performance type might not be adapted to the 360-degree area, especially if a performer is used to a traditional front-facing stage.

Points of Interest: A performer must be aware of their space and movement to ensure they play to all parts of an audience.

Technical Drawback:

Technical Space: Limited space in the technical area for equipment such as cameras, lighting, and sound equipment, without affecting the audience’s view.

Backstage Area: Small, or even awkwardly fashioned backstage area, that can make it hard for performers and crew to manage logistics.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is in the round stage?

An “in-the-round” stage is circular, with the audience surrounding it from all sides. This design creates an intimate and immersive experience, making performers visible from multiple angles.

What are the 4 types of staging?

The main types of staging are proscenium, thrust, arena, and in-the-round. Each type offers a distinct perspective on the performance and interaction with the audience.

What is an audience all around a round stage?

When the audience surrounds a round stage, it’s referred to as an “in-the-round” or “arena” setup. This arrangement ensures that every audience member has a comprehensive view of the performance.

What type of stage is an arena?

An arena stage is one where the audience encircles the performance area. This setup is commonly used for sports events, concerts, and large-scale performances.

What are the benefits of an in-the-round stage?

An in-the-round stage fosters a strong connection between performers and the audience. It offers a unique and immersive experience for attendees, creating a heightened sense of engagement and connection to the performance.


A round staging equipment rental offer tremendous opportunities to make the event more attractive from the perspective of the audience and the overall vision of the event. However, it can also pose some challenges in adjusting settings, sound issues, and performer arrangements. Thorough planning and consideration of specific event requirements are important to get the most out of the positives and subside the negatives on using round staging.

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