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Police Barriers Rental & Sale for Events in UAE

Police barriers are a must for all events in the UAE as they help to ensure safety and control. They can be a great addition to your event and can help to keep participants and onlookers safe.

What is Police Barrier

It is a portable crowd control barrier created to protect spectators. This ground-breaking approach is ideal for a variety of events, including protests, football games, and pop concerts, when top-notch protection is essential. When compared to competing goods on the market, this barrier offers superior stability and lowers the chance of tumbling over thanks to its 705mm angled base.

Additionally, it has an easy-to-use interlocking mechanism that safely joins each barrier to its neighbors. This makes it very adept at managing big crowds and efficiently controlling the flow of people.

Police Barrier on Rent for Event in UAE

Controlling a crowd, especially when they’re all hyped up, isn’t a walk in the park. Mismanagement can lead to issues, even with a small crowd. That’s why it’s crucial to opt for the right equipment, like crowd control barriers and police barriers, ensuring they’re properly installed. Without the right gear and proper management, things can spiral out of control. Our range includes various types of police barriers and barriers that cater to your specific needs.

We offer barricade rentals in the UAE, Dubai, and Sharjah. These barriers are perfect for maintaining order during events. With police barrier units, you can define and organize spaces. If your requirements change, you can easily modify the units to adapt. So, ensure a smooth and organized crowd experience with our reliable equipment.

Why Rent Our Police Barrier

Looking to manage big crowds at public events? Our crowd control barricades are perfect for the job. We have covered you, whether it’s exhibitions, VIP functions, event setups, conferences, concerts, or indoor and outdoor gatherings. With top-notch barricade rentals, we’re the right choice to ensure order and safety.

Trust us to handle the logistics while you focus on hosting a successful event. Say goodbye to crowd chaos and hello to smooth crowd management. Contact us for the best barricade rentals in town!

Anti-trip Feet

Introducing our advanced police barrier equipped with anti-trip feet for enhanced safety. These barriers are designed to be slip-resistant, ensuring a secure environment. Steel units are the ideal option for managing large crowds due to their exceptional strength.

Regarding temporary barricade rentals, our offerings are the perfect choice. Moreover, the interlocking feature of these barriers further reinforces their strength. You will find our barrier police available in various sizes to suit your specific needs.


Discover the outstanding features of our Police Barrier on rent, designed to provide top-notch crowd control and safety at your events. Check out what sets our barriers apart:

  • Available in two different bases: Flat foot & Bridge foot.
  • AntiTrip feet prevent slipping and ensure stability.
  • Robust, fully welded steel construction for durability.
  • Choose between a painted or galvanized finish.
  • Panels can be nested together for efficient storage.
  • Optional feet removable design for convenient transportation or storage.
  • Vertical bars eliminate climbing points, ensuring security.
  • Panels can pivot at joins, allowing flexibility in setup.
  • Low-profile feet minimize tripping hazards, prioritizing safety.


Our police barriers are designed with a unique interlocking system that ensures a strong and secure perimeter. This system not only deters theft but also prevents unauthorized dismantling. You can’t remove sections from the middle of the barrier; the only way to disassemble it is to start at one end and work your way down.

This feature protects against any attempts to tamper with or remove barriers. With our interlocking system, you can trust that your security measures will stay intact and keep everyone safe.

Pros & Cons

Cost-Effective: Renting barriers is generally cheaper than purchasing them, especially for short-term needs or one-time events.

Flexibility: You can hire the number and type of barriers based on your specific needs, allowing flexibility and scalability.

Maintenance-Free: Rental companies often maintain and repair the barriers, saving your time and money.

Storage: No need to worry about storage space for barriers when they are not in use, as they will be taken back by the rental company.

Quality and Variety: Access a variety of high-quality barriers designed for many purposes, ensuring that you have the right equipment for your needs.

Compliance: Rental companies often provide barriers that comply with local safety and regulatory standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Expert Installation and Removal: Many rentals include professional installation and removal, ensuring the barriers are set up and taken down correctly and efficiently.


Recurring Costs: While renting is cost-effective for short-term use, it will get very costly for long-term or frequent use when compared to outright purchasing of barriers.

Availability: During peak times or high-demand periods, barriers might be scarce or not available in the quantity or type you need.

Limited Customization: Rental barriers might not be customizable to the same extent as purchased barriers, therefore limiting the branding or specific functional requirements.

Supplier Dependency: You are reliant on the rental company for timely delivery, setup, and removal, which can be a risk if they have logistical issues or delays.

Condition Variability: While respectable rental companies maintain their equipment, the condition of rented barriers can vary, thus affecting their performance or appearance.

Hidden Fees: Additional charges for delivery, setup, removal, and any damage to the barriers could add to the overall cost.


How do I choose between the Flat and Bridge foot bases for the Police Barrier?

The choice between the two bases depends on your event’s terrain and specific requirements. The Flat foot provides stability on even surfaces, while the Bridge foot is suitable for uneven ground.

Are the Police Barriers easy to transport and store?

Yes, our barriers are designed with convenience in mind. The panels can be nested together when not in use, reducing storage space. Additionally, the optional feet removable design makes transportation and storage hassle-free.

Can the Police Barriers be customized for branding purposes?

We offer customization options to incorporate your branding elements on the barriers. This allows you to maintain a consistent brand image while ensuring effective crowd control and security at your event.

How do the vertical bars and low profile feet enhance safety?

The vertical bars eliminate climbing points, preventing unauthorized access. The low profile feet reduce tripping hazards, ensuring the safety of event attendees. These features contribute to a secure and well-managed environment.


These barriers provide crowd safety, control, and are designed for specific events such as protests, concerts, and sports games. They have superior stability with anti-trip feet, robust construction, and an interlocking mechanism for safe set-up. They are easily transportable and storable, and can be custom-made for branding purposes. Available in a variety of bases, they can be adjusted to fit a range of terrains, making them both flexible and safe for all events.

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