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Traditional Tents on Rental for Events in UAE

These beautiful constructions, inspired by nomadic Arabian tribes from the past, transport you to a time when history repeats itself.

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of our modern-day bedouin tents, which have been meticulously crafted to resemble their 19th-century forefathers in both appearance and utility. They pay respect to the organic qualities that marked the original bedouin tents by being made of cutting-edge, stretchy, and waterproof materials.

Our classic bedouin tents, made of black goat or camel hair, easily adapt to the desert temperature. The black fibers effectively absorb the heat of the sun, keeping the tent cool during the day and warm at night. When it rains, the strands expand and form a watertight seal to keep you dry.

Specification of Our Traditional Tents

Structure Frame Details

We have some fantastic traditional tents that you will love for your event in the UAE. These tents are made with high-quality materials, so you don’t have to worry about falling apart. The structure frame details are super sturdy and strong, giving you peace of mind while you enjoy your event.

And guess what?

We have got a bunch of different designs to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your style. Whether you’re hosting a small get-together or a big shindig, we have tents in all sizes to ensure everyone’s comfortable. Let’s make your event unforgettable with our traditional Bedouin tents.

Covering Details

Let me tell you about the fantastic features of our classic tents. These beauties protect you from the weather while adding a classic touch to your occasion. Consider a vivid assortment of tents with superb style and pattern that perfectly complements the subject of your event.

Whether you’re planning a cultural event or a fun-filled party, our classic camping tents come in different colors and styles to suit your needs. So, while we take care of the shelter, you can concentrate on creating unforgettable moments during your event.

Other Services

Apart from our awesome traditional canvas tent rental service, we’ve got a bunch of other fantastic offerings for you. We have covered you with car parking shade manufacturing, cool tensile shades, cozy traditional Arabic Majlis tents, and even handy port cabins.

We are all about providing complete event solutions, so you can kick back and enjoy your event without any worries about the nitty-gritty logistics. Whether a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, we have the services to make your event successful.

So, why stress when Gulf Oryx Events has got your back? 


  • Gives a cultural feel: Traditional tents carry an identity and are an entity of cultural aesthetic value that imposes an extra bit of charisma and authenticity to any event, especially in a country like UAE that values heritage.
  • Spaciousness: These tents usually come with good space for accommodating hordes of people, arranging furniture, and seating, besides providing adequate space for any type of activity.
  • Customizable: They could be upholstered with lights, fabrics, traditional motifs, and other decorations to suit the event type or the taste of the client.
  • Weather Protection: Traditional tents can afford protection from the scorching sun, so they can be used as opens in various outdoor events for hot-weather places.
  • Privacy: Depending on the design features, traditional tents can offer some element of privacy or even exclusiveness compared to under-open-air events.


  • Cost: Traditional tents may involve a higher rental cost compared to most available event hosting venues, or even the modern tent designs, especially considering their construction and cultural values.
  • Maintenance: They can require more maintenance and upkeep, especially if they are made from conventional material, like cloth and wood, to be maintained.
  • Low Availability: Depending on the area and even the time of the year, traditional tents for hire are hard to find since they are not as many as other event venues or even the standard tents that are readily available for rent.
  • Installation Time: Installation time may be longer for traditional tents in comparison with their modern counterparts because of their larger size and, oftentimes, intricate design.
  • Temperature control: Traditional tents basically provide shade and may not be able to deliver similar temperature control to that of modern venues equipped with HVAC systems, particularly during extreme weather conditions.


What is a traditional tent?

A traditional tent is a temporary shelter made from durable materials like canvas or animal hides. It is often designed with a simple structure and has been used in various cultures for centuries as a portable dwelling or for special events.

What is an ancient tent called?

An ancient tent is called a yurt. Ancient civilizations and nomadic groups used these tents as their primary form of shelter during their journeys or as a semi-permanent living space.

What are the 4 types of tents?

Depending on their shape, almost all tents can be grouped into one of four categories. There are four different types of tents: A-Frame tents, Pyramid tents, Hoop tents, and Dome tents.

What shape is a traditional tent?

Traditional tents often have a conical or pyramidal shape. The conical shape is commonly associated with teepees or wigwams used by Native American tribes, while pyramidal shapes are found in traditional tents like yurts or Bedouin tents. These shapes provide stability and efficient use of space inside the tent.


Gulf Oryx Events has an array of traditional tents for hire in the UAE. These could be useful in a number of events or occasions where one wants to bring out the feel of tradition, while availing of much-needed practicality in alfresco entertainment. For tent sizes, styles, or pricing information,

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