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Concrete Barriers Blocks on Rental & Sale in UAE & KSA

We have a wide selection of blocks to choose from, so you can find the perfect option for your needs. We also offer helpful customer service, so you can be sure you’re getting the best quality blocks possible.

Concrete Barrier Blocks on Rent & Sell in UAE

Concrete barrier blocks are a clever and pocket-friendly choice when setting up a sturdy perimeter security solution. They are incredibly versatile and can be used in various situations. Whether you need to secure an empty property, manage vehicle flow at an outdoor event, or safeguard a vacant parking lot or construction site, our concrete barrier hire service is the perfect solution: fast, efficient, and affordable.

Using our precast concrete barriers, you can effectively shield unoccupied parking lots, private land areas, construction sites, and other large spaces susceptible to illegal dumping or unwelcome intruders. These barriers come in different sizes, ranging from 1.5 meters to 3 meters, allowing you to choose what suits your needs.

You can rent these barriers for either short-term or long-term use. And rest assured, we always strive to deliver the concrete barriers to you within 24 hours of confirming your order.

Secure Your Site

Introducing Barriers for rent, your go-to resource for secure concrete traffic barriers to protect your property or business. Our cutting-edge Temporary Concrete Barrier System guarantees top security and protection while giving you the ease of quick access. You can feel secure knowing that your place is protected from potential attacks with our top-notch barriers. Experience how easily you may enter and depart the site thanks to the flexibility of our solution.

Benefits of Concrete Security Block

Concrete jersey barriers, commonly known as concrete barrier walls, are reinforced concrete building blocks. They are employed in a variety of transient settings that call for a robust, mobile barrier. These bricks are frequently used in building and maintenance tasks. They protect workers and equipment from oncoming traffic.

They are useful for securing gated off regions as well. They may have been visible at important occasions like concerts, festivals, or sporting events. These blocks are fantastic since they are simple to erect and take down. By preventing cars from driving into construction zones or unsafe zones, they provide additional protection.

What Can Concrete Barrier Blocks Be Used For?

Preventing Unwanted or Unlawful Access

Concrete barrier blocks are an effective solution for preventing unwanted or unlawful access to various areas. These sturdy and durable blocks provide a physical barrier that can withstand significant force, making it extremely difficult for unauthorized individuals or vehicles to gain entry.

By strategically placing these blocks, you can create a formidable barrier that acts as a deterrent and safeguards your property from trespassers.

Demarcation or Guiding of Traffic

When it comes to managing traffic flow and ensuring safety on the roads, concrete barrier blocks play a crucial role. These blocks can be strategically placed to demarcate lanes, separate opposing traffic, and guide vehicles in the right direction.

Concrete barrier blocks are apparent and can withstand the impact of vehicles, making them ideal for use on highways, construction zones, parking lots, and event venues.

Enhancing Security at Events and Public Gatherings

Concrete barrier blocks are invaluable for ensuring the safety and security of significant events and public gatherings. By strategically placing these blocks around the perimeter, you can create a secure enclosure that helps control crowd movement and prevents unauthorized access.

As a Secure Base for Public Events

When it comes to hosting a successful public event, safety should always be a top priority. That’s where Gulf Oryx Events comes in. We provide top-quality concrete barrier blocks that serve as a secure and reliable base for all public events in the UAE.

Our concrete barrier blocks are specifically designed to offer maximum stability and security. Whether you’re organizing a music concert, sports tournament, or cultural festival, our barrier blocks ensure that your event space is adequately delineated and protected. These robust barriers control crowd flow, maintain safety zones, and prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas.

For Flood Defenses

The UAE is accustomed to experiencing extreme weather, such as flooding and strong rain. At Gulf Oryx Events, we recognize the need of protecting your homes and neighborhoods from any flood dangers. We therefore provide premium concrete barrier blocks that are excellent for flood defenses.

Our concrete barrier blocks are strong against advancing floodwaters and offer dependable defense for populated areas, commercial buildings, and vital infrastructure. These blocks form a solid line of defense, reducing the risk of flood damage and guaranteeing the safety of people and assets. They are made to withstand water pressure and erosion.

What Concrete Block Solutions Do We Offer?

Temporary Vertical Concrete Block

Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCBs) are clear markers and solid obstacles against unauthorized entry. Clearway’s TVCBs are versatile and have applications in various scenarios, such as securing expansive entrances to land or parking lots, safeguarding workers, and acting as flood defenses. These barriers offer exceptional adaptability, functioning as Vehicle Security Barriers (VSBs) and as protection against Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM).

Designed with a specific purpose, our TVCBs are constructed using top-quality concrete and have undergone rigorous crash tests to withstand high-impact collisions with vehicles. This makes them ideal for safeguarding road or construction workers and pedestrians.

Concrete Jersey Barriers

Jersey Barriers are sturdy concrete barriers designed to protect against strong impacts. They are perfect for managing traffic by separating lanes or shielding construction workers and pedestrians in case a vehicle collides with them. These barriers have a unique interlocking system that allows you to connect them, creating a solid line of concrete blocks of any desired length.

When Jersey Barriers are used to enclose perimeters, they provide excellent protection against any unauthorized vehicles trying to enter. Jersey Barriers ensure a safe environment for workers and pedestrians during road or construction projects that require redirecting traffic or managing the flow.

Interlocking Concrete Blocks

Concrete interlocking blocks can be stacked both vertically and horizontally to create retaining walls of any size. Even though they are heavy, they are quick and simple to put together. These blocks are a tough option for protecting vacant properties, controlling vehicle and pedestrian access, or building specialized storage bays and partition walls because of their excellent fire and water resistance.

They may be securely stacked in any direction, allowing for the construction of sturdy and efficient wall structures or barriers that are required for a variety of tasks, which is why they are known as retaining wall blocks.


Versatility: It can be used in a lot of applications like traffic management, security at events, and flood defenses.
Durability: Made from reinforced concrete, they are also strong and robust to face strong impact and harsh weather.
Ease of Installation: Installed and removed swiftly, they are ideal for flexible, temporary applications.
Availability: They can be hired in different sizes and types, such as Jersey barriers or interlocking blocks, depending on needs.
Cost-effective: Hiring is available any time both for short- and long-term rental periods at affordable prices.


Weight: Heavy, needing specialized equipment to move and install.
Not too Aesthetically Pleasing: Effective but not pleasing to the eye in every respect and in all locations.
Storage: Pretty cumbersome storage area needed when off-duty.
Possible Injuries Caused: Can cause huge damage in case it is hit by vehicles during accidents.


What is a concrete barrier?

A concrete barrier is a sturdy structure made of concrete used to provide safety and separation in various settings, such as roads, construction sites, and public spaces.

What is the use of concrete barriers?

Concrete barriers are primarily used to prevent vehicle intrusion, control traffic flow, and enhance overall safety by serving as physical barriers between different areas or lanes.

What are the different types of concrete barriers?

Different types of concrete barriers include Jersey, F-shaped, New Jersey, and temporary concrete barriers, each designed with specific features and applications in mind.

How are concrete barriers made?

Concrete barriers are typically made by casting concrete into molds or forms, allowing it to cure and harden into the desired shape and size.

What is another name for concrete barriers?

Another name for concrete barriers is Jersey barrier, Jersey wall, or Jersey bump as they are commonly used in transportation infrastructure for traffic management and safety.

What is a barrier in construction?

In construction, a barrier refers to a physical obstruction or partition used to separate or restrict access to certain areas, ensuring safety and preventing unauthorized entry. Concrete barriers are often used in construction projects for their durability and effectiveness.


Gulf Oryx Events offers security solutions in the UAE  through concrete barrier blocks available for hire and sale. The barriers can also offer versatile solutions to maintain security and manage the flow of traffic. They are used to prevent unauthorized access, control traffic flow, manage security at events, or where flood defenses may be required. It deals with temporary vertical blocks, concrete jersey barriers, and interlocking blocks. Their services include express delivery and customer support that is actually existent.

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