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Retractable Barriers on Rental for Events in UAE

We provide retractable barriers for events of all sizes and shapes, ensuring a seamless experience for all attendees.

Renting retractable barriers in UAE offers the world’s top-notch solution for controlling crowds and managing queues. It’s perfect for busy events like awards ceremonies, exhibitions, nightclubs, concerts, shows, fairs, ticket areas, conferences, and corporate gatherings. These barriers can even section off specific areas within various events, such as VIP sections or private party rooms.

Opting for retractable barrier rentals ensures the safety and functionality of crowd organization, preventing unsafe and unprofessional overcrowding. Want to create a truly VIP experience? Choose the sleek black barriers with black straps. They’re an ideal choice for VIP events, adding a touch of elegance and exclusivity.

With retractable barriers on rent, you can effortlessly maintain crowd control while ensuring a smooth and secure event experience.

The Right Choice For Your Event

Welcome our 91cm tall, premium Retractable Barriers to the family! These attractive barriers are fitted with long, heavy-duty retractable straps that can span up to two meters between posts. Our barriers can be arranged in a wide variety of configurations to suit venues of varying sizes and shapes and to accommodate a wide range of crowd densities.

Our barriers are made from sturdy, long-lasting materials and can be set up in no time. The ease with which they can be relocated means that crowd control measures can be adjusted on the fly or in response to unforeseen circumstances, even while the event is in progress.


The Retractable Barriers offer versatility as each post can connect to three others using a retractable belt. These barriers, crafted from chrome, boast a sleek finish that adds a touch of style without being obtrusive. With their wide and weighted base, the barriers prioritize safety, sturdiness, and resistance to tipping over.

This feature makes them perfect for effective crowd control. Stay organized and maintain order at any event with these reliable barriers. Their design ensures they blend seamlessly into the surroundings while providing stability for a smooth and secure experience.

Fantastic Service at a Fantastic Price

Introducing our cost-effective rent service at Gulf Oryx Events, where you have the freedom to order the exact number of barriers you need without any minimum requirement. Keep your expenses in check by choosing as many or as few barriers as necessary.

No matter where your event is in the UAE, our experienced team will deliver the retractable barriers right to your venue for a minimal fee. We provide delivery services on evenings, weekends, and bank holidays, ensuring a reliable, safe, and efficient experience. Alternatively, you can opt for our self-collect option, allowing you to pick up the barriers yourself.

For more information on barrier rentals, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to assist you and provide a tailor-made quote that suits your requirements. Our high-quality barriers are available for short or long-term rent, guaranteeing peace of mind and impeccable service. Contact us today at Gulf Oryx Events!

What We Offer

We have got all sorts of barriers at your disposal. We’ve got you covered with our crowd control and metal fence barriers for outdoor setups. For indoor events, we offer the classic rope and post setup along with convenient retractable barriers.

Whether you are organizing a fancy event and need to guide your guests through a specific area or you are a site manager looking to ensure public safety, we have the right solutions for you. Our wide range of barriers caters to all your needs, providing you have precisely what you require.


Our crowd control barriers on rent in UAE serve various purposes, like keeping people away from performers and preventing them from accessing roads. When connected, these barriers become even more robust. Our metal fence barriers are ideal for deterring trespassing and cordoning off significant outdoor events if you have a construction site.

Our barriers, painted in vibrant colors, are particularly suitable for roadworks as they serve as a warning to the public. Our Retractable Safety Barriers help you manage the guest flow and guide them through queues for indoor events. To add a touch of prestige, consider incorporating our rope and post barriers into your event setup.

Why Rent Retractable Barriers For Your Event?

Retractable barriers often go unnoticed, but imagine the chaos without them! Guests’ safety and the event’s integrity would be at risk. Damage could occur, and crowds might spiral out of control. Barriers are essential for any event, whether a fancy soirée, road construction, or a building site. By ensuring public safety, you enhance your reputation as a host.

Create a memorable experience for your guests by elevating even the simplest event. Lay down a red carpet, complete with rope and post barriers. Make them feel like they’re attending a prestigious occasion. Safety and sophistication go hand in hand!



Low Initial Investment: It is more affordable to rent than to purchase, mostly for one-time or infrequently held events.
Maintenance-Free: Maintenance is handled by the rental company, which saves you time and money.


Availability of choices: Availability of wide choices regarding type, size, and style that would suit the needs of the event.
Scalability: Adjust the number with regard to expected attendance and venue size. Finally,


Delivery and Setup: Not only this, but most of the rental companies offer delivery, setup, and teardown services to make it easy on the logistical front.
Storage Solutions: You do not have to worry about storing the barricades after the event.

Professional Appearance:

Aesthetic Choices: High-quality, professional-looking barricades that excel in the overall appearance of your event.
Custom Branding Options: A few rental companies provide branding options for the barricades.

Regulatory Compliance:

Up-to-Date Standards: Rental companies keep their equipment updated to fulfill current safety and regulatory standards.


Recurring Costs:

Long-Term Expense: For frequent events, renting can be more expensive than purchase over time.
Not in Control:

Availability Issues: Barriers of desired types or quantities may not be available during peak event seasons.
Rented Equipment Cosmetic Condition: Rented barriers show signs of wear and tear, therefore their appearance is somewhat affected.

Reliance on-Owned Supplier:

Reliability: Events may rely upon the punctuality and quality drifted in by the renting company.
Limited Customisation: The ability to customise barriers to specific requirements might be more limited for rental equipment. .

Chronic Contractual Obligations:

Rental Terms: Contracts can include terms and conditions that either limit flexibility or incur a penalty for damage.
Insurance Requirements: Some rental contracts will require additional insurance coverage to be purchased.

Logistics and Coordination:

Coordination Effort: You will need to arrange delivery, set-up, and pick up—a coordination effort that can add to your workload.
Vendor Communication: Careful communication with the renting company is very important to timely and accurate service.


What are the retractable barriers called?

Retractable barriers are commonly referred to as stanchions for crowd control barriers.

What does a retractable barrier do?

A retractable barrier manages and controls people’s flow, ensures orderly queues, restricts access to certain areas, and enhances safety and security at events or public spaces.

What are the types of barrier in security?

The types of barriers used in security include bollards, barricades, turnstiles, and gates, each designed for specific security needs and levels of access control.

What are barrier types?

Barrier types can vary depending on their specific purpose and application. Some common types include physical barriers (such as walls or fences), traffic barriers (such as concrete barriers or plastic barricades), and crowd control barriers (such as stanchions or retractable belt barriers).


Gulf Oryx Events offers superior quality retractable barriers for hire at varied UAE events, including exhibitions, concerts, and corporate meetings. These barriers are made of strong material and heavy-duty straps to bring order into crowds at any given event, thereby ensuring safety. They are versatile, easy to set up, and can be configured at different venues. The service means delivery options are flexible, there are no minimum orders, and self-collection is an option.

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