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Heaters on Rental for Events in UAE

Add Comfort to Your Events in UAE & KSA! Rent Heaters from Gulf Oryx Events and Keep the Chill at Bay

The Warmth of Good Company

Our heater selection caters to all occasions, ensuring your heat source blends seamlessly with your carefully crafted atmosphere. Whether it is an infrared heater for a corporate dinner, a blower heater for a large company gathering, or an umbrella heater for a cosy winter formal, Party People Rentals & Sales has you covered. We offer heaters in various sizes, allowing you to customise your order to precisely meet your event’s heating requirements. Plus, we provide additional propane tanks if you require more than the one included in each heater rental. Please make your event warm and inviting with our versatile heaters.

Enjoy The Outdoors in a Pleasant Temperature

Are you planning a garden party, outdoor wedding, beach gathering, or company barbecue? Gulf Oryx Events has you covered. Rent heaters to keep your guests warm and create a cosy atmosphere. Check our website for options like electric heaters, fire baskets, wood stoves, gas patio heaters, and heat-resistant flooring. We also have outdoor furniture with comfy blankets and cushions. The possibilities for your event are endless.

What Event Are Heaters Perfect For

Typically, patio heaters become necessary when hosting outdoor events in chilly weather. However, the nature of your event plays a crucial role in deciding if you need them. Sit-down gatherings often require heaters since guests stay relatively still. On the flip side, the need for heaters diminishes if you are planning an outdoor cocktail hour with lots of movement and mingling. Movement generates warmth, possibly enough for your guests. Instead of scattering patio heaters throughout the venue, consider setting up three or four to create warm zones for chilly moments.

Consider the aesthetics of your event, too. For instance, avoid placing heaters between rows of chairs at a wedding, as they might obstruct photos. In such cases, line up heaters along the venue’s edge or skip heating during the ceremony, reserving them for the reception, especially if it’s later in the evening.

Types of Heaters We Rent

We present two primary categories of heater rentals. The first is the grand patio heater, bearing a striking resemblance to antique street lamps. These towering units create a 360-degree warmth embrace, accommodating gatherings of people beneath. Chatting and staying cosy is a breeze. Place them strategically near the ends of rectangular tables to elevate outdoor dining.

For circular tables, the petite table heaters are the go-to choice. Think of them as compact cousins of the patio heater. They grace the centre of the table, radiating warmth to those seated around. These dainty heaters also cater to farm tables, with the suggestion of one at each end for ample warmth.


  • Stay Warm Anywhere: Our heaters are perfect for events, weddings, concerts, and exhibitions in the UAE & KSA. Do not let the chilly weather spoil your special moments.
  • Sleek and Stylish Design: Our heaters are not just functional; they are stylish too. They will blend seamlessly with your event decor, adding to the ambiance.
  • Efficient Heating: No more shivering guests! Our heaters provide quick and consistent warmth, ensuring everyone stays cosy.
  • Easy to Use: You do not need an expert to operate our heaters. They come with user-friendly controls, making them hassle-free for anyone.
  • Safe and Reliable: Safety first! Our heaters are designed with top-notch safety features to ensure worry-free operation throughout your event.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use: Our heaters are versatile enough to keep everyone comfortable, whether your event is indoors or outdoors.
  • Environmentally Friendly: We care about the environment. Our heaters are eco-friendly so that you can enjoy warmth without guilt.
  • Flexible Rental Options: We offer flexible rental packages to suit your event’s needs and budget. You choose the duration that works best for you.
  • Delivery and Setup: We take care of the logistics. Our team will deliver and set up the heaters at your event location so you can focus on enjoying your event.


What is the best heater for an outdoor event?

Our outdoor propane heaters are ideal for outdoor events, providing efficient and widespread warmth.

How do you keep guests warm at an outdoor event?

We strategically place our heaters around the event area to ensure even warmth, making your guests feel comfortable throughout the event.

How do you stay warm outside events?

Dress in layers, and do not forget to cosy up with our outdoor heaters. It is the perfect combination for staying warm at outdoor events.

How do you have a party outside when it is cold?

With our outdoor heaters and some hot beverages, you can have a fantastic party even in cold weather.


Gulf Oryx Events has available heaters for hire in UAE and KSA, applicable for any of your events, be it weddings, concerts, or exhibitions. They have different kinds of heaters— infrared, blower, and umbrella heaters that are capable of producing a rise efficiently, stylishly, and user-friendly. Equipped with user-friendly control and safety features, Gulf Oryx offers flexible rental packages with delivery and set-up service to ensure that your events go warm and comfortable.

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