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Generator on Rental For Events in UAE

Are you in the process of planning an event? There is great news for you! Various types of events can gain significant advantages from the use of generator rental services. These portable generators offer quick and convenient power solutions for a wide array of events that rely on different forms of energy.

Rental generators present a cost-effective means of ensuring a reliable backup power source for your events. This ensures seamless operation of all power-dependent aspects even if the main power supply encounters issues.

You will be pleased to know that Gulf Oryx Events is a highly reputable name in the event generator rental industry. Our diverse inventory of rental units goes beyond just generators; it includes power accessories and commercial HVAC equipment.

This means you can effortlessly rent all the necessary power equipment from a single, trustworthy source. Our rental units are available for both short- and long-term needs, providing hassle-free power, heating, or cooling for individual events or a series of ongoing ones.

What Gulf Oryx Events Offers For Event Generator Rental

Generators: We have handpicked and checked our rental units from cool brands like Cummins and John Deere. It does not matter what event you are rocking – we have got the perfect generator rentals just for you.
Power Accessories: Sprucing up your event power rental is a breeze with our must-have accessories. Think breakers, switchgear, UPS components, and transformers – all ready for you to snag.
Portable Commercial HVAC Equipment: Chilly or hot outside? No worries, our air conditioners and heaters have your back. Keep your guests comfy with our commercial HVAC rentals.

Our rental units are inspected like pros, ensuring they are in tip-top shape. Got questions? Reach out to the friendly folks at Gulf Oryx Events for some ace advice.

Generator Rentals For Music Festivals

Most music festivals happen during the warm months, but some go on all year. No matter the time of year, one thing stays the same: generators are a must. They power the stage and keep the food and drink areas going, making sure the festival runs smoothly. Without them, there would be no music, no lights, and no fun.

While some festivals have their own generators, others choose to rent. This works well for festivals in far-off places or with limited space.

Renting generators helps save money by paying only for the power needed. Whatever the reason, generator rentals are crucial for seamless music festivals

Generator Rentals For Art Festivals

Art festivals present a wonderful chance to display your creations to the public. Yet, they can become a real challenge to organise. Among the hurdles faced, securing a dependable power source is prominent. This is where generator rentals come in as a practical and budget-friendly solution.

With a generator at your disposal, you will have all the power necessary to operate lights, sound systems, and other crucial festival equipment. The best part? Generators are portable, allowing you to take your show on tour without fretting about locating power every time.

So, if you are seeking a hassle-free method to power your art festival, renting a generator is a smart move. It is the logical choice for any artist aspiring to leave a mark on the world.


  • Top-of-the-line Generators on Rental
  • Shine Bright at Events, Weddings, Concerts, Exhibitions
  • Serving UAE & KSA regions
  • Seamless Power Solutions
  • Amplify Sound Systems
  • Light Up Your Celebrations
  • Reliable Timely Delivery
  • Hassle-free Setup
  • Wide Power Range Available
  • Expert Technicians On-call


What is a generator used for?

A generator is a reliable power source that provides electricity when the regular supply is unavailable, ensuring seamless operations during events or emergencies.

How much does it cost to rent a generator per day?

Generator rental costs vary based on capacity and duration. Generally, prices range from AED 200 to AED 800 per day.

Why rent a generator?

Renting a generator offers cost-effective flexibility, avoiding the need for a large investment. It ensures uninterrupted power, vital for events and critical situations.

How much does 1 generator cost?

Generator costs depend on capacity and features. Prices can start from AED 3,000 for basic models, varying with advanced options.

Which is cheaper: inverter or generator?

Inverters are often more cost-efficient for prolonged usage due to fuel efficiency, but generators can provide higher power output for heavy-duty needs.

Will a 2500 watt generator run a refrigerator?

A 2500 watt generator can typically run a refrigerator, but it’s essential to consider other devices connected as well.

Does an inverter really save electricity?

Inverters optimise electricity usage, potentially leading to savings, especially when powering smaller devices.

Are generators cheaper to run?

Generators may have higher operational costs due to fuel and maintenance, whereas inverter technology can be more energy-efficient and economical in the long run.


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