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6+ Staging on Rental for Events in UAE

At Gulf Oryx Events, we understand that the right staging is the foundation for a successful event. Whether you’re organizing a concert, a wedding, an exhibition, or any special occasion in Dubai, UAE, or KSA, our staging options are meticulously designed to meet your specific needs. We offer versatile and premium solutions that enhance the visual appeal, functionality, and overall experience of your event, ensuring it stands out and makes a lasting impression on your audience.

 Steel Stage – Uncompromising Durability and Strength

Gulf Oryx Events offers Steel Stages that provide uncompromising durability and strength. These stages are designed to withstand heavy equipment, large audiences, and the elements, making them perfect for concerts and events that require a sturdy foundation. Our steel stages ensure your event stands strong and secure. Read more…

 Aluminum Stage – Lightweight and Versatile Elegance

For events that demand versatility and elegance, Gulf Oryx Events presents Aluminium Stages. These stages are lightweight yet robust, allowing for easy setup and customization. Their sleek design and adaptability make them ideal for weddings, exhibitions, and corporate gatherings. Read more…

 Scaffolding Stage – Versatile Platforms for Creativity

Our Scaffolding Stages offer versatile platforms that enable creativity to flourish. These stages can be customized to suit your event’s unique needs, whether it’s an art exhibition, a fashion show, or a product launch. Gulf Oryx Events’ scaffolding stages provide a blank canvas for your event vision. Read more…

Acrylic Stage – Transparency for Visual Impact

When you want to create a visual impact that leaves your audience in awe, Gulf Oryx Events provides Acrylic Stages. These stages offer transparency, allowing for dramatic lighting effects and captivating visuals. Perfect for exhibitions and high-profile events, our acrylic stages add a touch of modern sophistication. Read more…

Wooden Stage – Timeless Elegance and Warmth

For those who appreciate timeless elegance and warmth, Gulf Oryx Events offers Wooden Stages. These stages exude classic charm and are perfect for weddings and upscale gatherings. With their rich wooden finish, they create an inviting atmosphere that complements any event theme. Read more…

Round Stage – 360-Degree Spotlight for Performers

Gulf Oryx Events’ Round Stages provide a 360-degree spotlight for performers, ensuring that every angle is covered. These stages are perfect for concerts and live performances, allowing artists to engage with the audience from all sides. With our round stages, your event becomes an immersive experience for all attendees. Read more



Variety: Steel, aluminum, scaffolding, acrylic, wooden, and round stages are used for all kinds of events from concerts and weddings to exhibitions and corporate events.

Strength: Steel stages are strong and stable and can hold heavy equipment and large audiences without giving in.

Elegance: Aluminum and wooden stages are elegant and best suited for high-end events.

Personalization: Scaffolding stages can be customized to event specifications.

Scenic Effects: Acrylic stages are used to get scenic effects and changing visuals.

Engaging: Round stages provide a 360-degree spotlight on the person, which can make it engaging for the audience.


Expense: Renting these stages comes at a huge cost, and most high-quality stages can drain your pocket, especially if you need them in large numbers or for expansive setups.

Time Consuming: Generally, staging is a time-consuming job, and it often takes a lot of time to set up and disassemble scaffolding and round stages.

Inconvenience: If not properly handled, transportation and setting up of stages in multiple locations can be a real headache.

Maintenance: The acquired stages should be maintained in proper condition, according to safety regulations.


Gulf Oryx Events offers an exciting range of staging options for events in the UAE and KSA, from strong steel stages to lightweight elegance in aluminum, from the ability to be creative with scaffolding stages to the visible impact of acrylic stages, from classic charm in wooden to the full 360-degree performer spotlight in round stages. They all are crafted according to the requisites of the event for concerts, weddings, and exhibitions with extreme comfort.

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