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Tower Light on Rental for Events in UAE

Are you looking to light up your next big event? You are at the right place! Gulf Oryx Events has got you covered with our top-notch Tower Light rentals.

Imagine you are hosting a fantastic concert or maybe a romantic wedding under the stars. The last thing you want is poor lighting ruining the vibe. Our Tower Lights are total game-changers. They are bright, reliable, and easy to set up!

Why choose us?

  • Super Bright: Our lights can turn night into day!
  • Flexible: Adjust the height and angle how you like it.
  • Hassle-Free: We deliver, set up, and take down. You enjoy it!

Serving all across the UAE and KSA, we are your go-to for events that shine. Let’s make your event unforgettable!.

There is a Portable Tower Light For Every Need

Are you looking for the perfect spotlight for your big event or worksite? Search no more! Our HiLight tower lights are your one-stop solution. Trust us, these are not your grandma’s old lamps. We serve all sorts of industries, giving you an array of lighting choices that tick every box—efficiency, safety, you name it.

Are you worried about bulkiness? Don’t be. These towers are compact and designed to fit into tight spaces like a puzzle piece. And let’s talk about quality—these are built like a tank but handle like a luxury car. That is right, it’s the same top-notch craftsmanship Atlas Copco is known for globally.

So, if you are scribbling down tower light rental near me on your to-do list, make sure Gulf Oryx Events is the name next to it. With us, you are not just lighting up a space but elevating it.

Why Rent Our Tower Light

Need some tough-as-nails tower lights? Look no further. Our lights are not just old lamps; they are Generac VT-8 8m behemoths with 4,000 watts of pure, undiluted brightness.

  • 360 Spin: These babies can pirouette like a ballet dancer, giving you light wherever needed.
  • Plug & Play: Got gadgets? We have outlets— 120V and 240V—for all your charging whims.
  • Lift & Shift: A handy lifting eye and forklift pocket are built-in. Move them with ease; no sweat!
  • Reach for the Sky: A 30-foot mast that goes vertical, because why limit your light to mere mortal heights?
  • Switch It Up: Your show, your rules. Turn individual floodlights on or off as you please.
  • Roll Easy: The vertical mast? It makes moving these monsters a cakewalk.

Brighten up your life—take action and get these versatile powerhouses now. Trust us; you will not be left in the dark.

Light Tower Rentals Can Make Sense For Your Business

Got a night project that needs a spotlight? No worries, we have got you. Renting light towers is like ordering takeout—super handy for one-off occasions. Perfect if you have got a rare night shift or a special project that needs some extra glow.

So, you are swamped and your nighttime jobs just doubled? No long-term commitments, just the light you need, when you need it. Already have some towers but a few went on strike? Yup, they are in the repair shop. Do not sweat it. Rent from us and keep that project on track.


  • Improved Visibility:Tower lights illuminate very brightly, and the light spreads over a wide area, making it excellent for any outdoor event that takes place in the dead of night or in environments with poorly lit conditions.
  • Safety: Well-lit areas ensure the safety of all attending the event as pathways, parking lots, and the venue are well-lit, thus reducing accidents.
  • Versatility: The tower lights come adjusted and can be positioned to cover specific areas, hence making them very versatile for events like concerts, festivals, sports tournaments, construction sites.
  • Portability: Moreover, most tower lights are mobile and easy to transport, thus, offering flexibility in terms of position and setup.
  • Power Efficiency: Most of the new generation tower lights utilize LED technology, making them energy-efficient and able to provide long-lasting illumination while consuming less power.
  • Weather Resistance: Tower lights are designed for different weather conditions; usually, they are strong and reliable for outdoor use.


  • Cost: Tower lights can be quite costly for rental, especially for an extended period or large quantity needed for big events.
  • Noise: Some tower lighting, particularly the diesel generator ones, are noisy, so this may well be a factor in certain settings or even events where a quieter environment is desired.
  • Installation and Maintenance: Installing tower lights requires a bit of elbow grease and technical expertise, especially with regular maintenance so they stay on during the event.
  • Power Source: A tower light needs some sort of a reliable power source, either a generator or a main power grid supply. This may become a problem in remote areas.
  • Impact on the Environment: Diesel kerosene-powered tower lights have large carbon emissions. While LED options are generally ‘greener,’ they still have an environmental impact.
  • Space Requirement: Tower lights need space to set up and operate, which could become a problem in smaller event spaces.


What is the price of a lighting tower?

The cost of a lighting tower varies based on specifications and duration of rental. For the most accurate pricing, please contact us directly.

What are tower lights called?

Tower lights are commonly referred to as portable floodlights, mobile light towers, and construction light towers.

How much area does a portable light tower cover?

A standard portable light tower can illuminate an area ranging from 5 to 7 acres, although this may vary by model.

What is the purpose of a light tower?

The primary purpose of a light tower is to provide high-intensity illumination for areas such as construction sites, outdoor events, and emergency situations.

How long will a light tower run?

Depending on the model and type of fuel used, a light tower can operate between 80 hours to 260 hours continuously.

How many spotlights per room?

For most rooms, one to two spotlights are generally sufficient for focused or task-oriented lighting.

How many light sources per room?

To achieve balanced lighting, it is advisable to have around three different light sources in a room, which could include overhead, ambient, and task lighting.

Gulf Oryx Events specializes in renting tower lights for various events, including weddings, concerts, and exhibitions within the UAE and KSA. Their tower lights are bright, adjustable, and can be easily set up for perfect lighting at every event. They set up the towers and take them down to leave the customer completely free of fuss. The light plants work perfectly at construction sites and other emergency situations. These units come with 360-degree rotation, multiple outlets, and easy mobility.

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