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Areesh Tents on Rental for Events in UAE

Gulf Oryx Events welcomes you to experience the allure of heritage with our exquisite collection of Areesh tent rentals. Steeped in tradition and crafted with modern precision, our Areesh tents offer an authentic touch to events, weddings, and exhibitions across the UAE and KSA.

Specification of Our Areesh Tents:

Structure Frame Details:

Gulf Oryx Events’ Areesh tents embody the intricate blend of heritage and aesthetics. The frame highlights:

Cultural Authenticity: Crafted to honor the time-honored design of Areesh tents, the frame stands as a testament to cultural heritage and craftsmanship.

Sturdy Construction: The frame is built with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring durability and stability, while upholding the traditional aesthetics of Areesh tents.

Graceful Framework: The design captures the essence of the traditional form while accommodating modern event requirements.

Covering Details:

The covering of our Areesh tents resonates with the charm of tradition and modernity:

Traditional Elegance: The covering materials are chosen to evoke the authentic feel of Areesh tents, paying homage to their historical significance.

Cultural Enrichment: The design combines traditional elements with contemporary sensibilities, creating an ambiance that bridges the past and the present.

Capacity and Sizes:

Our Areesh tents are available in various sizes to suit the scale of your event:

Intimate Gatherings: Choose smaller sizes for cozy gatherings and private events, providing an intimate yet charming atmosphere.

Grand Celebrations: For weddings, exhibitions, and larger events, our larger Areesh tents offer ample space while preserving the timeless aesthetic.

Why Choose Gulf Oryx Events for Your Areesh Tent Experience?

Cultural Respect and Expertise: With a deep respect for heritage, Gulf Oryx Events merges cultural appreciation with event expertise, ensuring your Areesh tent experience is truly authentic.

Personalized Traditions: We collaborate closely with you to understand your event’s significance, seamlessly integrating traditional elements into your Areesh tent setup.

Seamless Heritage Fusion: From design to execution, Gulf Oryx Events crafts a seamless fusion of heritage and elegance, resulting in an event space that narrates stories of the past while embracing the present.

Customer-Centric Commitment: Your satisfaction is paramount. We offer attentive customer service, addressing queries and surpassing expectations.


  • Traditional Aesthetic: Areesh tents offer a real traditional and decent Arabian feel to an event, increasing the cultural experience of such an event.
  • Cost-Effective: Generally, these tents have a more affordable price compared to other luxury tents on the market, so they could be appropriate for budget-sensitive events.
  • Natural Cooling: Areesh tents, made of palm fronds, provide an event with natural ventilation and cooling in the hot UAE climate. Eco-Friendly: The use of natural elements makes these tents very eco-friendly.
  • Versatility: Vmin Areesh tents can be used for any event, whether it be a wedding, corporate event, or cultural festival.
  • Easy to Set Up: These tents are relatively easy and fast to set up and dismantle. Thus, making them convenient for the organizers of the events.
  • Cultural Significance: Using the Areesh tents brings cultural significance to the event, especially in local or heritage-themed events.


  • Weather Conditions: These tents offer limited protection against harsh weather conditions.
  • Areesh tents are not suitable for harsh climatic conditions, such as rain and strong winds.
  • Basic Facilities: These tents are usually deprived of ultra-modern facilities and luxuries that are available in other event tents categories.
  • Durability: The natural material utilized in the construction of the Areesh tents is not as strong as the synthetic material; hence, wear and tear can be easily noticed.
  • Space Limitations: Areesh tents can also not be used for very large gatherings because of the size, which is limited in comparison to another available option for tents.
  • Maintenance: The natural material may need more maintenance to keep them in good condition, especially if it is used continuously in harsh weather conditions.
  • Comfort Level: While naturally cooling, these tents may not present the exact comfort level provided by the air-conditioned tents during peak summer months.


For those seeking an authentic experience, explore the answers to common queries about Areesh tents:

What Is an Areesh Tent?

An Areesh tent is a traditional shelter constructed from palm fronds, woven to create an open and airy structure. Used for centuries in desert regions, these tents offer a cool and shaded environment.

What Are the Advantages of Areesh Tents?

Areesh tents offer natural ventilation, keeping the interior cool even in warm climates. They also provide a connection to cultural heritage and a unique aesthetic for events and gatherings.

How Can I Decorate an Areesh Tent?

Decorate your Areesh tent with earthy tones, traditional fabrics, and handcrafted elements that celebrate the heritage of the structure. Lighting, carpets, and cushions can also add to the ambiance.

Embrace the Heritage and Elegance of Areesh Tents with Gulf Oryx Events

Experience the authentic charm of Areesh tents with Gulf Oryx Events. Contact us today to discuss your event specifications and embark on a journey to an event that encapsulates tradition and elegance in the UAE and KSA.


Gulf Oryx Events offers the hire of Areesh tents, fusing traditional design with the accuracy and precision of the modern age for events, weddings, and exhibitions within the UAE and KSA. With the traditional value, strength, and gracious framework, these tents characterize the airy shelters. Their coverings have material that exudes elements of tradition combined with contemporary aesthetic sensibilities. Different sizes of tents serve small and large celebrations accordingly. Gulf Oryx Events delivers a culturally rich and customer-focused service that assures an authentic experience for its clientele.

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