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Tower Light | Generator | Heater | Portable AC on Rental for Events in UAE

At Gulf Oryx Events, we understand the critical role utility equipment plays in the success of your event. Whether you’re organizing an event, wedding, concert, or exhibition in UAE or KSA, our utility equipment options are meticulously chosen to meet your specific needs. We offer reliable and premium solutions that enhance the functionality, comfort, and overall experience of your event, ensuring it runs smoothly and leaves a positive impression on your attendees.

Tower Light – Illuminate Your Event with Precision

Gulf Oryx Events offers Tower Lights designed to illuminate your event with precision. Whether you’re hosting an evening wedding, an outdoor concert, or an exhibition, our tower lights provide bright and efficient lighting. They ensure that your event remains well-lit, safe, and visually captivating throughout its duration. Read more…

Generator – Uninterrupted Power Supply for Seamless Events

For seamless events that require uninterrupted power supply, Gulf Oryx Events provides Generators that ensure your event goes off without a hitch. These generators are designed to handle the power demands of concerts, exhibitions, and large-scale weddings, guaranteeing that your event remains powered and on schedule. Read more…

Portable AC – Keep Guests Comfortable in Any Climate

In the challenging climate of UAE and KSA, Gulf Oryx Events offers Portable Air Conditioners to keep your guests comfortable. Whether it’s a summer wedding, an outdoor concert, or an exhibition, our portable AC units are designed to provide relief from the heat and ensure that your attendees stay cool and content. Read more…

Heater – Warm and Cosy Ambiance for Winter Events

For winter events, Gulf Oryx Events provides Heaters to create a warm and cosy ambiance. These heaters are perfect for outdoor weddings, concerts, and exhibitions, ensuring that your guests are comfortable and can enjoy the event even in cooler weather.

Read more…


Variety of Equipment: They have a range of equipment, from tower lights to generators, portable ACs, and heaters that accommodate any event’s needs.
Reliability: The equipment is said to be reliable and of high quality—no equipment breakdowns and glitches during the event.
Comfort and Functionality: Portable ACs and heaters both ensure comfortable conditions for guests, regardless of the weather outside.
Expertise: The Company has the necessary expertise to handle large events, ensuring everything is set up and maintained properly.
Delivery across Regions: They deliver across a number of regions in the UAE and KSA, making life easy for event organizers.


Cost: Good quality equipment will come at a steep price, which might not be too friendly to smaller budgets for events.
Dependence on Supplier: The dependence on the supplier for timely delivery and setup, which may be risky in case of a logistic failure
Limited Control: Lower control over the maintenance and customization of the equipment compared to owning.
Availability: Because of high demand during certain seasons of the year, there may be limited availability for certain equipment types.


Gulf Oryx Events offers utility equipment rental in support of UAE and KSA events, to ensure every event runs smoothly and comfortably. Here are some of the rental offerings they have:

Tower Lights – for pinpoint illumination.

Uninterruptible power supply generators.

Portable Air Conditioners to keep guests cool in hot climates.

Heaters to add a warm atmosphere during wintertime events.

These include weddings, concerts, exhibitions, and others, with deliveries to all regions in the UAE and KSA

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