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Furniture on Rental for Events in UAE

At Gulf Oryx Events, we understand the importance of furniture in shaping the atmosphere and functionality of your event. Whether you’re organizing an event, wedding, concert, or exhibition in UAE or KSA, our furniture options are thoughtfully curated to meet your specific requirements. We provide versatile and premium solutions that enhance the comfort, aesthetics, and overall experience of your event, ensuring it stands out and leaves a lasting impression on your attendees.

VIP Sofa – Luxury and Comfort Redefined

At Gulf Oryx Events, our VIP Sofas redefine luxury and comfort for your events. Crafted with premium materials and elegant designs, these sofas provide a lavish seating experience. Perfect for VIP lounges at weddings, concerts, and exhibitions, our VIP Sofas ensure that your esteemed guests enjoy the ultimate in relaxation and style. Read more…

Banquet Chair – Classic Seating with Elegance

Gulf Oryx Events offers Banquet Chairs that combine classic seating with timeless elegance. These chairs are designed to complement a wide range of event themes and styles. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, a concert, or an exhibition, our banquet chairs provide comfortable and sophisticated seating for your guests. Read more…

Coffee Table – Chic and Functional Gathering Spaces

For events that require chic and functional gathering spaces, Gulf Oryx Events presents Coffee Tables. These tables are perfect for creating cosy corners at weddings, concerts, and exhibitions. They offer a place for guests to relax, network, or enjoy refreshments, adding a touch of convenience and style to your event. Read more…

Bean Bags – Comfortable and Casual Seating

Gulf Oryx Events’ Bean Bags provide comfortable and casual seating options for your events. Ideal for creating relaxed atmospheres at concerts, exhibitions, and informal gatherings, our bean bags offer a laid-back yet trendy seating solution. They encourage interaction and make your event memorable.  Read more…

Podium Stand – Elevate Your Event’s Presentation

When it’s time to make a statement, Gulf Oryx Events offers Podium Stands that elevate your event’s presentation. These stands are perfect for conferences, exhibitions, and lectures, providing speakers with a commanding platform to engage with the audience effectively. Our podium stands enhance the professionalism and impact of your event. Read more…


Cost-Effective: Generally, renting is cheaper than buying, and especially so if the event is a one-off.

Variety: You’ll get a range of styles and types of furniture for your different events and themes.

Convenience: Time and hassle are saved as the company will handle the delivery, setup, and pickup for you.

Quality: Good quality and well-kept furniture improve the comfort and ambiance of the event.

Flexibility: You can scale up or down according to the size of the event and number of guests.


Limited Customization: You may have a limited selection from what’s in inventory, so this may lead to restrictions in getting things personalized.

Availability Issues: During peak seasons, there is high demand, which can give you a lack of availability.

Damage Liability: The renter will be responsible for any damage that occurs in the period of rental.

Recurring Costs: Rental costs can add up if the events are frequent, and in the long run can be more than the cost of buying.


Gulf Oryx Events rents furniture for different events taking place in the UAE and KSA to make the event feel more comfortable and bring an aesthetic view. Their inventory includes VIP sofas for luxurious seating, elegant-looking banquet chairs, stylish coffee tables, casual bean bags, and podium stands used for presentations. The events they cater to are for weddings, concerts, and exhibitions, thus ensuring customized solutions to create memorable experiences. Delivery is available across all regions in the UAE and KSA.

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