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At Gulf Oryx Events, we recognize the diverse needs of our clients for scaffolding solutions. Whether you’re planning an event, exhibition, or construction project in Dubai, UAE, or KSA, our scaffolding options are designed to provide structural support, creative opportunities, and safety enhancements. We aim to deliver solutions that elevate the success of your projects and events while ensuring safety and efficiency at every step.

Scaffolding Platform – Elevated Support for Your Projects

At Gulf Oryx Events, our Scaffolding Platforms provide a stable and secure elevated surface that’s essential for a wide range of projects. Whether you’re organizing an outdoor event, setting up lighting and sound equipment, or need access to elevated areas for construction, our scaffolding platforms are designed to meet your requirements. These platforms offer a safe and sturdy base, ensuring you can work efficiently and with confidence. Read more…

Scaffolding Wall – Building Boundaries, Building Excellence

Gulf Oryx Events offers Scaffolding Walls that are not just functional but also serve as a canvas for creative expression. These walls provide structural support and can be customized to display event branding, artwork, or themed designs. Whether you’re looking to partition event spaces, create backdrops, or showcase your brand, our scaffolding walls offer both form and function. Read more

Scaffolding Catwalk – Elevated Walkways for Safe Access

For events and construction projects that require safe and accessible elevated walkways, Gulf Oryx Events provides Scaffolding Catwalks. These catwalks ensure that workers, event staff, or performers can move seamlessly above ground level. Whether it’s a fashion show, an exhibition, or a construction site, our scaffolding catwalks offer a practical solution for safe and convenient access. Read more…

Scaffolding LED Support System – Illuminate Your Vision

Gulf Oryx Events understands the importance of lighting in creating a captivating event atmosphere. Our Scaffolding LED Support System is designed to facilitate the installation of lighting and audio-visual equipment. It offers a stable and secure framework to position LED screens, projectors, and other technology, ensuring that your event shines bright and leaves a lasting impression. Read more…


Cost-Effective: Renting scaffolding is, in most cases cheaper than making a purchase, more so if the need is for a short period.

Variety: The event demands for various types of scaffolding, such as platforms, walls, catwalks, and LED support systems.

Safety: Scaffolding in good condition and checked by professionals will meet all safety requirements.

Convenience: The delivery and installation of scaffolding will facilitate the logistical hassle for the event organizers.


Recurring Costs: For long-term projects, the rental amount may accumulate to be higher than buying it outright.

Availability: It may not be available during the peak seasons.

Limits in Customization: There may not always be rental options that meet custom requirements.

Reliance on the Supplier: Delays or any other issues on the supplier’s part can significantly affect the event timelines.


Gulf Oryx Events provides all event and project-related scaffolding solutions within UAE and KSA. The following are some of the services offered:

Scaffolding Platforms: Stable and secure high level working platforms for various projects.

Wall Scaffolding: Functional and usable to give structures support, branding for events, etc.

Scaffold Catwalks: Safe raised walkways for continuous access.

Scaffolding LED Support System: Sturdy frameworks for lighting and audio-visual installations.

These solutions ensure safety, efficiency, and creativity, supporting successful project and event execution.

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