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Bleacher | Grandstand | Bucket Seating on Rental for Events UAE

At Gulf Oryx Events, we understand the importance of seating in creating a memorable event. Whether you’re organizing a sports event, concert, exhibition, or wedding in Dubai, UAE, or KSA, our bleacher seating options are designed to meet your specific needs. We offer versatile and premium solutions that enhance the comfort and enjoyment of your guests, ensuring that your event is a resounding success.

Portable Bleacher – Flexible Seating Solutions

Gulf Oryx Events offers Portable Bleachers that are perfect for events where flexibility is key. These bleachers can be easily moved and adjusted to accommodate various seating arrangements. Whether you’re hosting a sports event, a concert, or an exhibition, our Portable Bleachers ensure that your guests have a comfortable and convenient seating experience. Read more…

Steel Deck Bleacher – Durability and Strength

When you need seating that can withstand the rigors of large gatherings, our Steel Deck Bleachers are the ideal choice. Gulf Oryx Events’ steel deck bleachers are not only durable but also provide a stable and secure seating platform. Whether it’s a grand sports event or a massive concert, these bleachers offer a robust solution. Read more…

High-End Bleacher – Elevated Comfort and Style

For events that demand the utmost in comfort and style, Gulf Oryx Events presents High-End Bleachers. These bleachers are designed to offer a premium seating experience. With comfortable seating and an upscale appearance, they are perfect for weddings and high-profile events where luxury is a priority. Read more…

Bucket Seating – Premium Seating Experience

Create a premium seating experience for your guests with Gulf Oryx Events’ Bucket Seating. These seats offer individual comfort and support, making them perfect for sports events and concerts. They provide a first-class experience that ensures your attendees are engaged and entertained throughout the event. Read more…

Grandstand Stadium Seating – The Ultimate Spectator Experience

For large-scale sports events and concerts, nothing beats the Grandstand Stadium Seating offered by Gulf Oryx Events. These bleachers provide a stadium-like experience for spectators, with tiered seating for optimal views. Whether it’s a sports championship or a major concert, our Grandstand Stadium Seating ensures that every seat is the best seat in the house. Read more…


Cost-Effective: Renting scaffolding is, in most cases cheaper than making a purchase, more so if the need is for a short period.

Variety: The event demands for various types of scaffolding, such as platforms, walls, catwalks, and LED support systems.

Safety: Scaffolding in good condition and checked by professionals will meet all safety requirements.

Convenience: The delivery and installation of scaffolding will facilitate the logistical hassle for the event organizers.


Recurring Costs: For long-term projects, the rental amount may accumulate to be higher than buying it outright.

Availability: It may not be available during the peak seasons.

Limits in Customization: There may not always be rental options that meet custom requirements.

Reliance on the Supplier: Delays or any other issues on the supplier’s part can significantly affect the event timelines.


Gulf Oryx Events provides a wide range of bleacher and grandstand seating for UAE and KSA events. Ranging from portable, steel deck, high-end, bucket seating to grandstand stadium seating, the seating provides for various requirements in sport events, concerts, exhibitions, or weddings in terms of keeping visitors comfortable and ensuring a premium event experience. The company provides durable, flexible, and stylish seating, with delivery services to all regions of the UAE and KSA.

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